Visitor Policy

Current Policy: COVID-19 Campus Visitors

Last updated: December 10, 2021


Mercersburg Academy is a private independent boarding school. As such, its buildings are generally not open to the public. When on campus, visitors have the status of guests, and are subject to all school policies and to all requirements that the school may impose on campus visitors. The school reserves the right to revoke the guest privileges of any visitors who fail to comply with school policies, as well as those visitors who fail to cooperate with school personnel or who object to the directives of school personnel.


  • Parent
  • Extended family and friends (who live off-campus or visiting from out of town) of employees
  • Contractors or vendors who need to be on campus to perform a service
  • Guest speakers
  • On-campus services (babysitter/cleaning service) that happen in faculty homes
  • Alumni
  • Prospective students and families


The following requirements are for all visitors before arriving on campus and while on campus.

  • Visitors are required to check in at the Visitor Check-In building at the campus main entrance.
  • Visitors are required to wear a mask while on campus, regardless of vaccination status, indoors and outdoors.
    • Visitors should come to campus with a mask; however, a mask will be provided if a scheduled visitor arrives on campus without one.
    • If a visitor refuses to wear a mask, they will not be permitted access to campus and the visit will need to be rescheduled.
  • Visitors will physically distance, when possible, and adhere to personal hygiene protocol (e.g., handwashing).
  • Visitors are not allowed in any building, unless the school, employee, office/department otherwise communicates an exception (e.g., indoor event).
  • Visitors may, in some circumstances, be required to show proof of vaccination, a negative PCR test, and/or receive a rapid antigen test upon arrival.
  • Visitors are allowed to use the restrooms in any non-residential space on campus.
  • The Visitor Check-In building is not open 24/7. Information on who to call to check in will be posted on the building.

While we have made every effort to make our Visitor Policy consistent, there are minor exceptions depending on the individual or groups visiting campus.

Visitors for Students

  • In addition to the requirements listed above:
  • Anyone other than a parent should email the Office of Student Life to request a visit.
  • Day student parents do not have to contact the Office of Student Life or make a request to visit if they are simply picking up their child to go home.
  • Parents who are visiting are not allowed to eat in the dining hall. Parents are allowed to bring food with them to eat outside with their student(s).
  • Currently, as of December 10, parents are not allowed to take students off campus for a day, weekend, or overnight visit (e.g., lunch or shopping). In the future, when visits are allowed, please make sure your child fills out a leave request form via their Veracross student portal prior to the weekend or visit. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Student Life.

Visitors for Employees

  • In addition to the requirements listed above:
  • Visitors are not allowed to eat in the dining hall; however, immediate faculty families may eat in the dining hall, per normal protocol, if fully vaccinated.
  • Visitors may not have access to dormitories, unless they are visitors of a dormitory apartment.
  • When visiting a dormitory apartment:
    • Visitors must not access student areas such as common areas and student bathrooms.
    • Visitors must use external access doors (where applicable).
    • Visitors must be escorted by the host to and from the apartment.
  • When visiting an on-campus home:
    • Visitors are allowed to enter on-campus homes of employees who live on campus but are expected to follow the Visitor Requirements listed above.

Prospective Families (Admission Visits)

  • In addition to the requirements listed above:
  • Students must register in advance with the Admission Office to visit campus.
    • No walk-ins will be accepted.
  • Students and family members coming to campus must:
    • submit a negative PCR COVID-19 test within three days or,
    • submit proof of vaccination to the Admission Office.
  • All students and family members coming to campus will be required to receive a rapid antigen test upon arrival.
  • Students and their families are allowed to attend an outdoor practice or event.

Alumni and Other Visitors

  • In addition to the requirements listed above:
  • Visitors must schedule an appointment with their school contact/host (e.g., Facilities, Advancement, Marketing, Summer Programs, etc.) unless they are a spectator at a PGA event.
  • If an alum is traveling near campus and wants to stop by or drive through campus, they must check in at the Visitor Check-In or call the Advancement Office at 717-328-6100.
  • The host of the visitor will be responsible for instructing the visitor of required arrival and on-campus protocols.

Athletic/PGA Events

  • In addition to the requirements listed above:
  • Athletics: Please review the following document for attending sporting events.
  • Arts/Community Engagement/MOE/SEP:
    • Visitors are subject to the guidance detailed in this document. PGAs may also implement components of the Athletics Spectator Guidelines as warranted.

Large Group Visits/Events (50+ people)

  • In addition to the requirements listed above:
  • Visitors may be asked to pre-register in advance to visit campus.
    • No walk-ins will be accepted if asked to pre-register.
  • To keep our community safe during large events, the school will designate sections for members of our community and visitors to view events such as an athletic game or arts performance. Those sections are as follows:
    • A “School” section will be available for students and faculty/staff (those that the school is testing regularly and knows the vaccination status of).
    • A “Home” section will be available for parents and family members of students as well as faculty/staff (if they choose) and their immediate family members. It is important to note that students may sit with their parents in this section but parents cannot sit in the “School” section.
    • A “Visitor” section will be available for all other attendees, such as visitors of an opposing team, former faculty/staff, alumni, and the local community.
  • A negative PCR test, or proof of positive COVID-19 diagnosis will not be required to attend indoor events, with the exception of Admission visits and large-scale events (i.e. Open House, Candlelight Reception, etc.) where food and beverage will be served.

Borough Visitors of Campus Grounds

  • In addition to the requirements listed above:
  • The use of the campus grounds (not including athletic fields) by residents of the borough of Mercersburg and surrounding areas is permitted.

External Groups

  • In addition to the requirements listed above:
  • External groups, (e.g., weddings or outdoor athletic tournaments), may be considered on a case-by-case basis and must be approved in advance by the Office of Summer and External Programs.