Tuition Plan

As noted, Mercersburg will offer a full online learning option, Virtual ’Burg, for the 2020-2021 academic year for students who are unable to attend in-person (due to visas, travel restrictions, etc.) or for whom in-person learning is deemed by the family to be unsafe or undesirable. Families have the choice of having their child attend Mercersburg in person or virtually for each of the three academic terms (fall, winter, and spring).

Mercersburg has also established an adjusted tuition rate, per term, for those who decide to attend virtually. We anticipate that most families that opt for online learning will choose a hybrid approach, with the plan to have their child attend in-person for one or more terms. The adjusted fees for the virtual program are as follows:


Online Learning Tuition
for Boarding Students

A reduction of $7,000/term


Online Learning Tuition
for Day Students

A reduction of $2,000/term

Note: Students receiving financial aid who elect to learn online for one or more terms will receive an updated financial-aid award letter based on the recalculated tuition. Similarly, any family that has already paid the full tuition and decides to have their child learn online for one or more terms will receive a tuition credit equal to the amounts listed above.