A Tradition of Support


Giving: Our History and Our Future

Mercersburg Academy first opened its doors in 1893 with about 40 students, four instructors, and three buildings on four acres of land. Today, thanks to the visionary leadership of Dr. William Mann Irvine and a deeply ingrained tradition of philanthropy, Mercersburg is a vibrant academic and residential community

Enduring philanthropic support has truly guided the course of the school’s history. Every gift to Mercersburg serves the same mission: to provide a transformative academic experience that inspires our students to lead and serve in a complex, changing world.

Thank you for investing in Mercersburg Academy and in the lifelong success of our students!



Gifts made each year through the Annual Fund provide 10 percent of the school’s operating budget, which gives our community access to critical resources. Capital and endowment gifts provide long-term strength and ensure that our students receive the full benefit of a Mercersburg Academy experience.




“There are so many ways to make a gift to Mercersburg other than through the traditional method of your checkbook. A few years ago, Joanne and I began to give stock, and this year made a gift through an IRA. Both are incredibly quick and easy, while providing you with advantages you may find useful. The school stands ready to assist you in making the process of executing such gifts in an efficient and timely fashion; it was surprisingly uncomplicated. It was a wonderful way to see how well our needs and those of the school were met.”

--David Frantz ’60





Ways to Give

Thank you for considering a gift to Mercersburg! Your investment helps prepare young people to lead and serve our world. Below are some of the ways to make your gift.

If you own appreciated stock or mutual funds, you can gift them to Mercersburg Academy. By doing so you can take a charitable deduction for an amount equal to the value of the stock on the day we receive it, and you avoid any capital gains tax that you would have paid had you sold the stock. In this way, the tax savings can be much more significant than with a gift of cash.

Joe has a 50th Reunion in June and wants to make a special gift to honor that milestone and the special connections he’s reestablished with his classmates. He bought shares of IBM back in 1980 for about $16 per share. It now trades for about $135 per share. He makes a gift of $10,000 to the Annual Fund, larger than he ever thought possible, for shares that originally cost him less than $1,200. Additionally, he pays no capital gains because the shares were gifted to Mercersburg and he receives a tax deduction for the full $10,000.

Your stock broker can wire shares to Mercersburg’s account at the San Francisco office of Wells Fargo Advisors. Your broker will need Mercersburg’s account number (5839-0310), DTC Number (0141), broker’s name (Howard Adler), broker’s telephone number (800-634-4965), and Fed. I.D. #23-1365963 (The Regents of Mercersburg College). 

Please ask your broker to inform Mercersburg’s broker of your name and to inform the school via fax (717-328-6211), mail, or email (giving@mercersburg.edu) of the above information and the date the transaction will take place.

If you are a U.S. taxpayer and at least 70 1/2 years of age, you may make gifts to Mercersburg from your IRA without having to count those funds as part of your adjusted gross income. Consequently, you do not have to pay taxes on the gifted amount.

Distributions, which count toward your required minimum distribution (RMD), must be made directly from the IRA trustee to Mercersburg, and the individual maximum is $100,000 per calendar year. This is a great reason to consider using your IRA (instead of cash) to make a charitable gift.

Jane, who is 71, has two children who attended Mercersburg and she credits their successful path in life to the excellent faculty here. She wants to recognize the importance of faculty while continuing her incredible 38 consecutive years of Annual Fund support. Jane notifies her IRA plan administrator to make a distribution directly to Mercersburg Academy in the amount of $30,000 to support an existing endowed teaching fund and to make her Annual Fund gift. She will continue to make gifts annually in this way every year to fulfil her goals. This gift counts toward her annual RMD and where the gift doesn’t produce a tax deduction, she does not have to recognize the $30,000 as income.

For more information on these or other giving options, contact Carolyn Griffin Yeager at 800-588-2550 or yeagerc@mercersburg.edu. Brokers and IRA administrators don’t always include donors’ names on stock transfers and IRA distribution checks, so if you’re planning to make a gift to Mercersburg Academy using an IRA or stocks, please let us know so that we can identify and recognize your gift promptly. And, please let us know if you want your gift used for a particular purpose.


Maximizing Your Support

Matching Gifts

Many employers match charitable donations made by their employees, employees’ spouses, or retirees. To find out if your employer is one of them, search our matching gift database.

Monthly Gifts

Give a larger gift by making smaller monthly payments instead of a one-time contribution. These payments can be automatically charged to your credit card.

Multi-Year Pledge

Commit your support beyond the current school year and keep track of your giving by making a multi-year pledge. Lock in your participation for up to five years at a time.


Volunteer your time in addition to your treasure and help Mercersburg galvanize support for the Annual Fund. Opportunities include class agents, reunion committee members, White Key volunteers, and phonathon callers.