Swimming Competitions Underway with Blue/White/Grey Series

Friday, October 16, 2020
Swimmers dive into the Furnary Pool during the underwater relay

Mercersburg's swim team divided into three separate squads (Blue, White, and Grey) October 16 for the first of four intrasquad days to be held this fall and winter in the Lloyd Aquatic Center's Furnary Pool.

Eight events were contested between the three teams, with team scoring based on USA Swimming Power Points and tabulated by the coaching staff. After the first day, the Grey Team leads with 26,741 points, followed by the Blue Team (25,411) and the White Team (25,293). 

Watch a replay of the event (click on the page and search for "Blue/White/Grey Swimming").

Athletes must compete in 12 individual events over the four competition dates, and their nine highest-scoring events will count toward the final scores. 

The October 16 meet program included six traditional events for both boys and girls (400-yard medley relay—though with mixed teams, 200 breaststroke, 1000 freestyle, 50 butterfly, 100 freestyle, and 200 individual medley), as well as a push-up competition with one boy and one girl from each team representing their squad, and a 200-yard underwater relay where swimmers completed one length of the pool underwater while wearing fins.

Individual event winners included:
400 mixed medley relay (Blue Team): Jade Matthias ’22, Alex Edwards ’21, Kiersten Donnelly ’21, Everet Andrew ’21 (3:47.47)
Girls’ 200 breaststroke (White Team): Lily Gugino ’24 (2:26.92)
Boys’ 200 breaststroke (Blue Team): Edwards (2:12.42)
Girls’ 1000 freestyle (White Team): Gugino (11:09.29)
Boys’ 1000 freestyle (Blue Team): Andrew (9:17.04)
Girls’ 50 butterfly (Blue Team): Matthias (26.98)
Boys’ 50 butterfly (White Team): Jack Mowery ’21 (23.03)
Girls’ push-ups (Grey Team): Laura Wargo ’22
Boys’ push-ups (Grey Team): Charlton Schaner ’22
Girls’ 100 freestyle (Blue Team): Matthias (55.40)
Boys’ freestyle (Blue Team): Andrew (45.44)
Girls’ 200 IM (Blue Team): Ingrid Janney ’24 (2:18.24)
Boys’ 200 IM (Blue Team): Edwards (2:00.10)

Click here for full results from the six traditional events.

The second Blue/White/Grey competition date is scheduled for Friday, October 30.