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Jump Start Your Imagination

Mercersburg Summer STEAM Camp takes students to the front lines of the Maker revolution as they learn by doing. Engineering, programming, 3D printing, textiles, and metal fabrication are all featured in this f-day immersion into the essentials of Making in the 21st century. Mercersburg Summer’s STEAM program will focus on collaborative learning in the academic disciplines of science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics.

Students will jump into the creative process by taking their own idea and turning it into a creation made by their hands. Students will be given challenges designed to provoke creative thinking and problem solving. Through the important process of design, development, testing, and troubleshooting, students will learn resilience and self-confidence. By the end of the camp, we want to promote a new growth mindset in our young students—one that sees challenges as opportunities and ideas as potential realities.

June 27-July 1, 2021

​​​​​​​Open To:
Ages 10-15, coed

Commuter After 3/15/21: $550
Residential After 3/15/21: $650

Meet the Director

Dave Holzwarth

Dave Holzwarth launched Mercersburg’s STEAM Camp in the summer of 2016, inspired by Mercersburg’s Design, Engineering, and Fabrication curriculum in science and math. He enjoys orienting campers to the studio, lab, and field learning environments while building the skills that will serve their STEAM skills when they return to their prospective schools. Many of the STEAM Camp activities are the “points of discovery” throughout Dave's life that contributed mightily to his interests in the arts, music, and engineering.

Dave graduated from Mercersburg Academy in 1978 and began teaching at the school in 1990. He has applied his background in mechanical engineering to the physics classroom, has developed a lab-based course curriculum for Mercersburg’s physics courses, and has worked to incorporate astronomy into the classroom. He designed the school’s Class of ’38 Observatory and developed a Maker’s Lab program to bring design engineering and fabrication principles to the senior capstone Springboard program.

Dave holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of California at Berkeley and a master’s degree in math and studio art from Wesleyan University. He has coached football and track & field at Mercersburg and established a varsity ski team. Dave is a USSA Alpine coach and certified referee. He continues to train and compete in track as a USTFA Masters athlete.

What to Expect

The STEAM program has been designed to give younger students a glimpse into the kinds of work that seniors at Mercersburg Academy complete during the senior capstone Springboard experience. Springboard is Mercersburg’s one-year capstone program that features course options such as Rapid Application Development, 3D Design, The Global Food Chain, Entrepreneurship, and our Maker’s Lab. Drawing on the ideas of Challenge Based Learning, all students are required to delve into a challenge or project that they define and create. Though on a smaller scale, the Summer STEAM Campers will learn via the same model as Mercersburg’s seniors.

A Day at Camp

No two days are alike, but a typical day at STEAM Camp looks like this:

Living at Camp

This is overnight camping?

Attendees live in a modern, air-conditioned dormitory with two to four participants per room. Carpeted hallways lead to tiled bathrooms, with showers that have privacy curtains.

Bring your trunk and personal necessities, and you are set for dorm life, Mercersburg style.

Counselors live in adjacent rooms and our open-door policy ensures comfort and safety for every attendee. An emphasis on respect, courtesy, cooperation, and consideration enables campers to live and thrive with others to make dorm life enjoyable for all.

Weekend Stayover 

A weekend stayover option is available for the weekends in between sessions for campers who enroll in multiple sessions of camp. The cost of this weekend is $250. The weekend stayover is not an opportunity for participants to arrive early for the program. We prefer that participants arrive on the advertised start date of the program.

Financial Assistance

Our financial assistance provides students displaying strong desire, high merit, and financial need the opportunity to attend our programs. Download the Financial Assistance Application along with your registration. Contact our office via email or phone if you have any questions.