Summer Reading

Required 2019 Summer Reading for all Students (two books)

Each student is required to read one all-school selection (book one) and the summer reading book required for next year’s English class (book two).


Read one of these three books (click on book cover to read more)

The Summer Reading Challenge (optional: five books)

BOOK ONE - One of the three required reads

BOOKE TWO - The English book for your grade

BOOK THREE - Faculty sponsored read

BOOK FOUR - One fiction book of your choice

BOOK FIVE - One nonfiction book of your choice

Faculty-sponsored books

When you return to school, you will sign an honor pledge stating that you read the five designated books. You will also participate in a seminar led by the faculty member who sponsored your chosen book.

Any student who completes the challenge will receive an “I Took the Summer Reading Challenge” shirt that entitles the wearer to a jeans day on a designated date during the fall term. In addition, we will sponsor a Summer Reading Challenge event based on how many students take the Challenge. If 25 students take the Challenge we will sponsor an ice cream party. If 50 students take the Challenge, we will sponsor a trip to the movies. And, if 100 students take the Challenge, we will sponsor a trip to Hersheypark.

If you have questions about Summer Reading, email Alexandra Patterson, director of library services. 

Will you take the Summer Reading Challenge?