Summer Institute

Summer Institute at Mercersburg Academy

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​June 14-15

The year's Summer Institute will bring educators together in an all-virtual conference with leading thinkers about the future of education. Unlike in previous years, this event is designed for Mercersburg's broader constituencies as well, including parents and alumni!

The two-day institute on June 14-15 will include keynotes, panels, interactive sessions, and workshops delivered or facilitated by guest presenters. Tuesday's sessions from 11 a.m. on are reserved for Mercersburg faculty only.  

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Grant Lichtman

Grant Lichtman is an amiable provocateur who has helped nearly 200 schools reimagine how they prepare their students for a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world. His most recent book, Thrive: How Schools Will Win the Education Revolution, is a guide for anyone wondering why schools need to innovate and a map for how to inspire and create change.  

Katie Martin, vice president of professional learning at Altitude Learning (San Diego), is a sought-after mentor and instructional coach who asserts that “when we tell kids to complete an assignment, we get compliance, but when we empower kids to explore and learn how to make an impact on the world, we inspire innovators.” Her story and message will further illuminate the path toward giving students the opportunity to co-author their education.

Tim Fish, the first chief innovation officer for the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), encourages schools to pace themselves and be deliberate, but to seize opportunities for innovation and to create a culture “where ideas are welcome, where risk is tolerated, where failure can be accepted.” 

Pooja Agarwal

An hour with Pooja Agarwal could completely change how most of us learn. Using leading research about how the brain acquires, retains, and applies knowledge, Dr. Agarwal will surprise and delight us with strategies and techniques we can use each day to make our students better studiers with an enhanced ability to remember and utilize knowledge in the classroom and in their daily “real world” lives.

Ben Rein

The Mastery Transcript Consortium is leading a movement toward creating student records that display immediate evidence of student mastery and the specific strengths of each student. More than 300 schools around the world, including Mercersburg Academy, have joined the consortium in the effort to design an alternative to grades-based transcripts to tell a student’s story in a way that grades-based transcripts cannot. Ben Rein, the consortium’s senior director of outreach and partnerships, will help us kick off our formal exploration of how the Mastery Transcript can help our students.

Gever Tulley

As the founder of The Brightworks School in San Francisco, Gever Tulley gives kids real problems to solve and the tools and agency to find solutions. Whether designing and building a roller coaster or constructing and launching a weather balloon from scratch, Tulley’s school harnesses the best from all disciplines—from the aesthetic power of the arts, the storytelling of the humanities, or the profound power of math “as a language that describes reality.”  

Julia Griffin is the founding director of The Mastery School of Hawken in Cleveland, Ohio. Inspired by her work with Doris Korda, she believes “with every fiber of [her] being that school should be about discovering your strengths, channeling your intrinsic motivation, and finding joy.” She will give us significant insight into what the research-based design of the Mastery School is doing for its kids.

SCHEDULE - to register, click the name of the session you'd like to attend! 

Monday, June 14

9 a.m. ET - Grant Lichtman

11 a.m. ET - Katie Martin

12 p.m. ET -  Break

1 p.m. ET - Mastery Transcript with Ben Rein

2 p.m. ET - Julia Griffin

3 p.m. ET - Tim Fish

Tuesday, June 15

9 a.m. ET - Gever Tulley

10 a.m. ET - Pooja Agarwal

11 a.m. ET - Grant Lichtman Workshop

12 p.m. ET - Break

1 p.m. ET - Grant Lichtman Workshop, continued