Students Selected for MAPS Class of 2022

Wednesday, April 29, 2020
Pictured left to right is Monique Garcia, Maddy Gillner, Terrance Ji, Roy Kang, Julia
 Mills, Khoa Nguyen, Zain Qureshi, Ben Rihn, Emma Shuford, Joie Xiao, and John Xu.

Eleven lower middlers (10th-grade students) at Mercersburg have been accepted into MAPS (Mercersburg’s Advanced Program for Global Studies) for the 2020-2022 academic years. 

The two-year program begins in the 11th-grade year, and is geared to expand the existing curriculum and engages other academic and cocurricular opportunities to challenge students in deliberate ways. Through participation in MAPS, students become compassionate and engaged global citizens, creative and discerning thinkers, and self-motivated learners.

“This is the seventh group of students selected to join Mercersburg’s Advanced Program for Global Studies since its introduction in 2013,” says Peter Kempe, who serves as director of MAPS. “David Bell, Jay Bozzi, and I are very pleased with the success of MAPS, and we are excited to work with these outstanding students for the next two years. It is a pleasure and a privilege to advise them during their ‘tour de force’ of global topics, ethics, politics, and philosophy and help them to find the ‘zeitgeist’ in their culminating SEARCH project – which stands for ‘study, engage, apply, research, create, help.’”

This year’s accepted students include Monique Garcia of Passaic, NJ; Maddy Gillner of Rector, PA; Terrance Ji of Shanghai, China; Roy Kang of Seoul, South Korea; Julia Mills of Greencastle, PA; Khoa Nguyen of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; Zain Qureshi of Enola, PA; Ben Rihn of Stahlstown, PA; Emma Shuford of Hickory, NC; Joie Xiao of Shanghai, China; and John Xu of Shanghai, China.

Students who are enrolled in the MAPS program are required to complete two MAPS core courses: Thought, Knowledge, and Belief (TKB) as upper-middlers, and Senior Research Thesis as seniors; the SEARCH capstone project, as a part of the Senior Research Thesis course; advanced foreign language study (at least to level 4); 15 credits of approved MAPS courses in at least four different academic departments; successful completion of the curricular community-engagement projects in the TKB class and in the Senior Research Thesis class, including a major community-engagement activity in their upper-middler and senior years; and participation in the required MAPS travel and study trip for all 11th-grade students enrolled in the TKB class.