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Since spring 2020, Mercersburg Academy has been working diligently to understand the impact of COVID-19 and to develop protocols to protect our community. We knew that planning to open to on-campus learning would be complex and would also require significant resources in order to feel confident in this direction. At this time, our goal is to protect those in our community who are most vulnerable while delivering on our mission for our students. We all must recognize that the way we live and learn together will look different, but in order to have the privilege of being on campus, we will make the necessary sacrifices to protect our community members most susceptible to the virus. Should we receive new information that impacts our plans, we will communicate promptly with our families. 

Important Dates and Travel Information

Similar to the fall, students will need to take the following steps to return to campus:

- Students will need to take a COVID-19 PCR test within 7 days prior to arrival and submit the negative test to the Health and Wellness Center no later than March 4.
- Students will then take another COVID-19 PCR test when they arrive on campus March 6 or 7.
- Boarding students will quarantine in their rooms for five days and take a second PCR test at the end of the week on March 12. During the quarantine, students will leave their rooms to get meals from the dining hall and have recreational time. Day students will also take a second PCR test at the end of the week on March 12 and attend classes virtually while boarding students are quarantined in their rooms.
- If PCR tests return negative, students will be released from in-room quarantine and will be able to move around their “circle” and attend classes and PGAs in person.
- After 14 days from the last students’ arrival, it is our hope to allow students to move freely throughout the dorm and relax restrictions across campus.

*Emergency Contact and 48-Hour Evacuation Plan
An important reminder that every family must have a domestic contact or guardian and a 48-hour evacuation plan confirmed before arriving on campus. Please indicate the name and contact information for your child’s guardian in the Magnus Health Form located in the parent portal. Students that do not provide this information by March 4 will not be allowed to come to campus in March. Please contact the Office of Student Life at if you do not have a 48-hour evacuation plan for your child.

*Flu Shot Requirement
All students will be required to have the flu vaccine before returning to campus. If your child has not received this vaccine, please do so before arriving on campus and submit verification to the Health and Wellness Center no later than March 4.

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