Stay Active, Stay Awesome: A Note from the Officers of the Class of 2023

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Dear parents, 

We sincerely hope you are all doing well during this period of COVID-19. All of us have started off this year going through remote learning, and some first-year students are still waiting to step on our school campus for the first time this spring. During a time that is supposed to be filled with energy, we probably haven't actually been that active while we are separated. 

This situation led to a sparkling idea: Is there any event that can keep everyone active and connected? Today, we are delighted to introduce our fundraising initiative: Stay Active, Stay Awesome. 

During this time, especially when everyone is virtual and having distant interactions with one another, it has become easier to also distance yourself from activities that would make you feel healthy. However, it is crucial to note that this is not an individual level of concern. To get through this challenging moment, we have to stay connected and motivate each other as a strong community. The goal for this initiative is not only to connect our community for a month, but also to help with COVID-19 relief. 

Here is a simple description for how to participate:

  1. On any day, students and faculty log the most active behaviors that made them feel awesome. (A Google form was sent to every student and faculty member.) 
  2. Participants can then choose how much to donate according to the sense of fulfillment and awesomeness they felt while doing the activity. There are two choices: $2.1 and $21 (to celebrate the new year, 2021!). 
  3. There is also an option for participants to upload a photo or a video to proudly show off their awesome behaviors. 

The donations are open from Monday, January 25, to Friday, February 19, and 50 percent of the donations will go to the American Red Cross in support of coronavirus relief. The other half will go to the Class of 2023 general fund. We strongly encourage every member of the Mercersburg community to participate in this fundraiser and share their active workout routines, healthy meals, or any activities that share positivity. In that way, we hope everyone can have a little fun and create energy in their daily lives, overcoming this unusual circumstance together. 

If you’re a parent and want to help, please encourage your child to participate! You can even “sponsor” their activities if you’d like to and offer to donate a certain amount for every behavior they log. We thank you in advance for helping to keep our community connected and strong.

As the spring approaches, little blossoms will bloom and soon fill our Mercersburg. Our community will come together with our healthy and energetic selves. When we come back as one community, we’ll be so grateful for those blossoms and the small donations we gather. Mercersburg, we are in this together! Thank you and we hope your winter may be absolutely awesome.


Jamie Hyung ’23 (class president)
Jooa Lee ’23 (class vice president)