State College Takes Down Girls’ V Tennis

Tuesday, September 21, 2021
Izzy Jones ’22 (photo by Charli McInturff ’23)

Mercersburg’s girls’ varsity tennis team fell September 21 to a strong team from visiting State College High School, 8-3. While 15 matches started, only 11 finished as some were cut short due to rain. Of those that finished, State College won eight and Mercersburg won three.  

Izzy Jones ’22 had a particularly good day for the Blue Storm, winning at #2 doubles (with Dayoung Kim ’23) and #5 singles. The #5 doubles match played by Savannah Poe ’23 and Mogere Nyakoe ’25 featured a great comeback, as they started the match by losing the first four games before turning things around for an 8-6 victory. 

Completed singles results
#1 Quiana Guo (SC) def. Isabel Su ’23 (M), 8-0
#2 Kelly Steel (SC) def. MC Miro ’23 (M), 8-0
#4 Marissa Xu (SC) def. Camille Smith (M), 8-0
#5 Izzy Jones ’22 (M) def. Emily Zhang (SC), 8-3
#6 Allison Norloff (SC) def. Sam Jacobs (M), 8-0
#9 Bea Fernandez-Medina (SC) def. Savannah Poe ’23 (M), 8-0

Unfinished singles matches
#3 Madeline Miller (SC) vs. Dayoung Kim ’23 (M), 7-5
#7 Jordan Dye (SC) vs. Jaime Hyung ’23 (M), 5-0
#8 Mogere Nyakoe (M) vs. Ellie Ko (SC), 4-3
#10 Katie Himes ’23 (M) vs. Abby Chen (SC), 5-2

Doubles results
#1 Guo/Steel (SC) def. Su/Hisano Enomoto ’25 (M), 8-6
#2 Kim/Jones (M) def. Zhang/Norloff (SC), 8-3
#3 Xu/Dye (SC) def. Miro/Smith (M), 8-6
#4 Miller/Ko (SC) def. Jacobs/Hyung (M), 8-3
#5 Nyakoe/Poe (M) def. Fernandez-Medina/Chen (SC), 8-6

The Storm (3-2) visits Madeira School for the annual M Cup showdown Saturday, September 25, beginning at 2 p.m. in McLean, VA.