Define Yourself Here

The boarding school where students can imagine their future lies three hours east.

There’s no question: Pittsburgh has a strong collection of private schools. So what sets Mercersburg Academy apart? Simply put: our geography and culture.

Mercersburg’s location in southern Pennsylvania has shaped its 127-year history and identity. We’re not in or adjacent to a major population center. Instead, the rural nature of our 300-acre campus means that every person who is here—faculty, staff, student—wants to be here. It’s community driven by intentionality, not proximity. And that creates an extraordinary campus filled with extraordinary people.

The Mercersburg ethos is egalitarian through and through. The student experience here exemplifies that rigor doesn’t have to produce fierce competitiveness. At Mercersburg, robust, top-tier academics exist in a supportive and collaborative environment that values individual humility and collective pride.

Mercersburg Academy curates transformational journeys, catapults young adults into a season of self-discovery, and empowers students to define themselves. Your child’s path to college, character, and career success can run through Mercersburg. Find out why.

What parents say about Mercersburg Academy...

Room to express, explore, and excel.

Mercersburg Academy is a carefully constructed environment that allows young people to navigate their teenage years unfettered but appropriately supervised.

A boarding school education is 24/7. It’s an immersive experience where learning and social-emotional growth happen in the creases. It’s formative in a way that no other public or day school can be.

Mercersburg students establish lifelong friendships as they develop the determination to achieve and the skills and intellect to succeed. They graduate prepared for college, for their career, and for leading and serving the world.

We look forward to meeting you.

Mercersburg Academy is a place where your child can find their own voice and create their own story. We promise to be right beside them every step of the way.