Peddie Knocks Off Girls’ V Tennis

Saturday, October 23, 2021
Isabel Su ’23

Mercersburg’s girls’ tennis team lost to a deep Peddie squad by a score of 5-2 in a Mid-Atlantic Prep League match October 23 in Hightstown, NJ.  

With very little drop off from their #1 player to their #6 player, Peddie put three solid doubles teams on the court and swept the doubles. The Blue Storm’s #1 doubles team of Hisano Enomoto ’25 and Isabel Su ’23, playing some of their best doubles of the season, took their match to a tiebreak before falling in a close one.

In singles play, Peddie again jumped out to leads at #4, #5, and #6 while Mercersburg looked good at the top of the ladder. In the end, Enamoto and Su avenged their doubles loss, coming through at #1 singles and #2 singles to earn the only two victories on the day for Mercersburg.  

Singles results
#1 Hisano Enomoto ’25 (M) def. Courtney Cane (P), 6-2, 6-1
#2 Isabel Su ’23 (M) def. Catherine Zhang (P), 7-5, 6-2
#3 Lakiti Raju (P) def. Dayoung Kim ’23 (M), 6-4, 6-1
#4 Emme Pham (P) def. Camille Smith ’22 (M), 6-1, 6-3
#5 Karen Yao (P) def. Izzy Jones ’22 (M), 6-1, 6-4
#6 Hannah Evju (P) def. Sam Jacobs ’23 (M), 6-3, 6-1

Doubles results
#1 Zhang/Raju (P) def. Enomoto/Su (M), 8-7 (7-3)
#2 Pham/Yao (P) def. Jacobs/Jones (M), 8-1
#3 Cane/Evju (P) def. Kim/Smith (M), 8-4

The Blue Storm (6-5) hosts the MAPL Championships Saturday, October 30, at the Smoyer Tennis Center. The action gets going at 9 a.m.