Environmental Initiatives


On-Campus Resources:
  • Recycling (cardboard, glass, paper, plastic): Bins are in every building and in select locations on campus. Our vendor uses single-stream recycling, so any recycling you put in any of the larger dorm bins goes to the same place to be sorted… do not worry if you put a magazine in a hole-shaped recycling bin lid.

  • Recycling (E-waste: DVDs/CDs, inkjet cartridges, VHS tapes, small electronics – anything that uses/used a plug or battery): Bins are in most building’s common areas. We recycle about two tons of e-waste a year at Mercersburg.

  • Recycling (Specialty items: large electronics, CFL bulbs - be careful not to break these) – contact Will Willis.
(Note: We no longer recycle AA and AAA batteries. Credible sources suggest that it is best to simply put these in the trash. The alternative is shipping them – they are very heavy – elsewhere where they incinerate the batteries and extract the materials from the ash. Between the shipping and incinerating, it seems like it does more harm than good.)
Off-Campus Resources:
Cheap Thrills. The Haiti Project, and other reusing/recycling:
When the school year comes to a close, rather than throw materials out, Mercersburg has been re-using these items for many years. Many students opt to sell their items to one another through the school’s internal For Sale conference, which is active all year. Volunteers collect all kinds of student clothing, linens, shoes, furnishings, sporting goods, and items for Cheap Thrills—a community sale of said items, the proceeds of which go to a charity each year. Any items remaining are donated to Goodwill. Cheap Thrills has been reusing items and sparing them from landfills since 1992! Separate from Cheap Thrills, Todd McGuire collects school supplies and backpacks to donate to schools in Haiti. Will Willis collects reusable furnishings and electronics to offer to international students in the subsequent fall for free. Willis also collects electronic items to recycle. These four projects prevent significant amounts of items from being thrown into the landfill.
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