#NobleIntegrity: Jay Howley ’21

Thursday, April 1, 2021

“It’s great. There’s really no experience like it,” says Jay Howley ’21 when describing living on the Mercersburg Academy campus. Howley, a four-year senior, has lived in the borough of Mercersburg and/or on campus his whole life, and this year, as a prefect in Tippetts Hall, he is helping others feel at home too. He thinks of his role as a “big brother” and an older influence to the younger boys on his hallway, many of them first-year students. He likes this and is familiar with it, as he is a big brother to two siblings at home (in Fowle Hall, where his mother, faculty member Emily Parsons P ’21, ’22, is the dorm dean) and has been a camp counselor for Mercersburg Summer Programs. 

Howley is also an avid artist and an editor for Blue Review, Mercersburg’s literary magazine and arts journal. He sees his art as an outlet. During the first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic, “[art] started out like a fun exercise of technical ability and design, and then in retrospect, morphed into this statement about how isolation pushes us into new places and we really find out about ourselves and what we can do.”