A Note from Isaac Brody


I'm writing now to plant the seed for our 20th reunion coming up next year (June 6th-9th). Yes, I said, 20th. We're old. I'm not saying that we're elephant graveyard old, but it only seems like yesterday that we were strolling around our graduation outside of Keil Hall in a confused daze of "what the hell comes next" while Prince's "Party Like It's 1999" blared in the background.

Much has changed in our 20 years, as we've all grown in our careers. (And in my case my waistline!) We've lost folks in that time, but one thing I've found has not lessened in my time away are the friendships established while I was at the "Burg." I have found that no new friendships I've built since that time have had the same degree of familiarity or family as the connections I established while in that small quaint town.

For next year's reunion, I'm looking forward to those quiet moments catching up with you. However, I'm also looking forward to not-so-quiet moments of merriment: I remember attending the 10th year reunion, and one of my most vivid memories was of Adam Brewer dancing ferociously with a very pregnant and ready to pop Savina Rendina (now Savina Cupps). I doubt anything can quite measure up or unburn that image from my mind, but hey, maybe you can prove me wrong? Please prove me wrong...

The reunion committee is in the process of planning some fun and historical events for us while we're there. Here's a selection of some of the early plans starting to take shape.
  • Sleeping in the dorms.
  • Visiting Antietam Battlefield.
  • Celebrating the retirement of Debbie and Frank Rutherford '70 (after more than 80 years of combined service!).
  • The last swim in the Flanagan Pool.
Oh, and if that wasn't enticement enough, our very own Masroor Ahmed will be honored on Thursday evening (June 6th) with a reward as the recipient of the Alumni Council Prize for Achievement. I've seen an early draft of his speech, and it's quite good. (I'm not gonna lie, I cried a little bit at the end.) Plus, he will be wearing a tuxedo, which makes him look damn dapper.

Over the next several months, you'll hear more from other folks, including me, who will reach out and gently cajole you to attend next year. Except for Jenn Flanagan Bradley- she doesn't so much cajole as twist your arm through the strategic sending of repeated text messages to donate to the Annual Fund by June 30th.

Oh, and finally, this reunion has challenged my competitive juices. I hope when I tell you this that you are inspired to raise the banner of 1999 and answer the call. The record for the 20th reunion attendance is 40 people. And that record is held by the Class of 1988. I'm sure 1988 was a very good year, but I feel emboldened and certain that at least 41 of us can muster up the vim and vigor for a weekend of fun to shatter that record. Hell, while we're at it, let's push that number to 65. Who's with me?

Keep an eye out for registration details to come in early 2019, and start making plans and blocking off your calendar.

Brewer? Rendina (Cupps)? Can we get a redo of that famous dance outside of Ford Hall almost 10 years ago?

Happy Chanukah and Merry Christmas folks,

Isaac Brody
Reunion Committee Member
917.842.9937 | Isaac.brody@gmail.com
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