A Note from Patrick Koch

Picture it. It’s senior year. You're walking to Ford from your dorm room in Main, Fowle, Culbertson, South Cottage, Swank, or maybe Tippetts. The days are finally getting longer. Spring semester is winding down and thoughts of summer are gradually overtaking the stresses of exams in your mind. Campus is coming alive with the trees in full bloom, and that sweet smell of fresh, central-PA manure from neighboring fields punches you right in the nostrils. “Only a few more days of this sheltered goodness left,” you think to yourself…

But no so fast. Our 20th reunion is a mere 23 days away and now is your chance to relive the glory days. Well, sort of. If you’re like me, you will have your entire family in tow, but what’s cooler than showing your spouse or significant other and possibly your kids what an amazing place you had the privilege of calling home during your high school years? As my esteemed Reunion Committee colleague Flynn Corson so astutely observed, this is our last reunion in our 30s which means that our 25th Reunion in 2024 will just be that much harder to recover from on Sunday morning. And yes, I just ended that clause in a proposition, Mr. Hendrickson.

Those of you who were able to attend our 15th surely remember how much fun we all had back then, and Reunion Version 20.0 promises to be even better. We currently have 30 Class of ’99ers registered, another 26 planning to attend, and another 14 in the “maybe” column. So, if you are one of those individuals in the latter two categories, clear the calendar and plan on making the trip. We still have plenty of dorm space for everyone and you know you won’t regret it.

For those of you who have yet to attend one of these bad boys, this is the furthest thing from the bland, awkward, and stereotypical high-school reunion held at the local Holiday Inn that you might be picturing in your head. This is damn-near a half-week-long festival complete with golf outings, wine tastings, historical tours, campouts, rock climbing, lectures, car shows, softball games (ADSL-style, baby), fun runs (sorry Mr. Grady, my cross-country days are looooong over), too many athletic endeavors and workouts to list, and class dinners, concerts, and bonfires to cap it all off.

And although it may be a long shot, we might just be lucky enough to experience a shirtless Javier Arregui roll up to 2nd Bridge like he did at our 10 year. I am still working on getting him to make the trek from Cabo. Cross your fingers.

Seriously, need I say more?

We all know how lucky we are to be a part of the Mercersburg Academy community. We are especially fortunate to have a long list of our faculty members who we hold dear joining us at Reunion Weekend this year including Barbara Thorne, Renee and Eric Hicks, Frank and Debbie Rutherford, Rick and Amy Hendrickson, Allison Stephens and Dave Holzwarth, and Deb and Chris Corcoran among many others.

So come on back, and enjoy just a fraction of the amazing programming that’s offered throughout the weekend if you like. Have fun and see for yourself how the campus has changed, yet how it has remained the same after all these years.

If you have not registered yet, please do so today by visiting the Reunion Weekend web page. Knowing you’re coming will inspire others to join in; plus, it will help Mercersburg plan the best weekend for us.

See you soon,

Patrick Koch ’99
1999 Reunion Committee
pfkocher@yahoo.com | 412-779-7432
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