Seniors Give Capstone Presentations; Showcase is April 29

Throughout the month of April, the 118 members of Mercersburg's senior class are giving their capstone presentations. All seniors are enrolled in one of the school's two capstone experiences—MAPS (Mercersburg's Advanced Program for Global Studies) or Springboard—and successful completion of one of these two experiences is a requirement for graduation. The Springtalks Showcase, a culminating event of Springtalks, will be held Monday, April 29, at 7 p.m. in the Burgin Center for the Arts' Simon Theatre.
The Showcase spotlights one presentation from each of the school's eight Springboard capstone courses, as well as one from MAPS. The event is a required appointment for all Mercersburg students.

Student presenters at the Springtalks Showcase will include Sophia Divone ’19 (The Fight Against Disease), Sam Barnes ’19 (Maker’s Lab), Meghan Scott ’19 (COMMARTS: The Art and Business of Graphic Design), Cherie Sio ’19 (MAPS), Evelyn Oh ’19 (Positive Psychology), James Thomson ’19 (Business of Sport), Vilma Sakkinen ’19 and Sofie Pedersen ’19 (Entrepreneurship), Ellie Wilkie ’19 (Write Your Novel), and Joseph Lieber ’19 (Rapid App Development).

View the schedule of this year's Springboard presentations

"One of the Springboard teachers stopped me on the sidewalk recently," said John David Bennett, the dean of curricular innovation and a Springboard faculty member. "He was ecstatic because a few of his students had run into problems with their projects’ logistics, and they were having to find new, creative solutions. What they were coming up with ranged from clever to brilliant. As the teacher sort of skipped away, he turned around and said, ‘Every class should be like this.’ That might be a little hyperbolic, but seeing a student take control of her project’s fate and do it well—that's unbelievably fulfilling."

SEARCH presentations, which are given by the 10 senior students enrolled in MAPS, cover topics including technology’s impact on the way we read, misunderstanding the effects of drug addiction, art therapy’s innovative approach for treating autism, and how new media has polarized politics. "SEARCH" is an acronym for Study-Engage-Apply-Research-Create-Help, and students give these 45-minute presentations to a panel of peers, professionals, educators, and experts from both inside and outside the Mercersburg community.

View the schedule of this year's MAPS SEARCH presentations.

"The motto for Mercersburg's Advanced Program for Global Studies is ‘Knowing is not enough, one must also apply. Willing is not enough, one must also do’—a quote from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, arguably one of the greatest German poets, writers, statesmen, and philosophers of his time," said Peter Kempe, a MAPS faculty member. "It states eloquently one of the core objectives for MAPS. Whether it is in the 11th-grade TKB class (thought-knowledge-belief) or in the 12th-grade SEARCH class, MAPS students are asked to think critically and to reflect on fundamental questions in the areas of existence, values, and reason."

The MAPS presentation follows the successful completion and defense of a 25-to-30-page analytic research paper and a 10-to-15-page "call to action" community engagement proposal, as well as a four-week international travel experience with homestay and an independent academic component, language study through Level IV, and advanced coursework in at least four different core disciplines. 

"The students have worked and prepared for this culminating event of their research all year," Kempe said. "This is the sixth year since the program's implementation, and we look forward to another round of interesting and captivating presentations."

Faculty members involved in the courses include MAPS faculty Kempe, Jay Bozzi, and David Bell, and Springboard teachers Rick Hendrickson, Nikki Walker, Kristen Pixler, Franklin Bell, Dave Holzwarth ’78, Todd McGuire, Bennett, Eric Hicks, Brett Potash, and Marcus Jaiclin. Julia Stojak Maurer ’90 is assistant head of school for academic affairs, and Eric Hicks is the school's academic dean.

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