A Note from Rache Baird Brand

Dear classmates,

We're now fewer than four months away from our 20th reunion, and registration is LIVE! Visit the Reunion Weekend web page to see who's coming and to register. 44 of our classmates have already committed to being there.

The Alumni Council is hosting a kickoff dinner on Thursday evening, June 6, and several alumni will be recognized, (including our very own Masroor Ahmed), as well as a number of faculty and staff who have served Mercersburg—some for 40 (or more) years. There is no excuse not to come. You just should. EARLY BIRD SAVINGS: the all-inclusive rate offers a $50 savings if you register before May 1. Can’t make it Thursday? No sweat. There are à la carte prices available.

As the weekend approaches, Mercersburg memories are flooding back. Aren’t you dreaming of the magnolia trees and the crystal blue sky of Pennsylvania? Tasting pretzel pie and maybe having a whole pie to yourself? Let’s go wild! Mud-sliding memories into Spider Field, perhaps? Or maybe you are dreaming of laying out on Tippetts Beach soaking in the sun (with a beer in hand). If you were a sports gal or guy you might be walking the halls of the gym and self-indulging in team photos from our year and others… laughing a little at the dated uniforms. Personally, I am enticed to walk through the galleries of the new Burgin Center, relishing in our classmate Eddie Kang’s paper series.

I was fortunate enough to enjoy Mercersburg in my after-school years, first as a continued fixture on the KARUX (until 2012… crazy, right?) and then supporting Mercersburg Summer Programs, so my life’s memories are interwoven from the time I was 13. I haven’t been back in five years and I can’t wait to drive down Sycamore Lane with my family and take it all in. We are staying in “South-side, what?!” There would really be no way I would even consider it, but now we have air-conditioning, wifi, etc.—do you remember the days of dial-up?

Here are some of the blips that pop up in my memories: Our first night in ninth grade in the gym thinking I met Andy twice, but it was really meeting Matt and Andy individually. My first cigarette outside of Romeo’s—I was so nervous I flipped the filter off in my first flick. My first and only play where I froze on stage in the 10th grade, traumatized from ever trying again. Marshall winning. Heath and Trevor dressing as Basketball Shaving Crème Men. Our South Christmas Card. McKinstry’s wings. Boxer/Bikini run. Hanging in college in 2001 at a party with Alex, a terrible idea always… but so fun. Getting pick-pocketed in London in 2010 with Liz and having to spend the day together at the U.S. Embassy. ’99 class reunion at Gabe’s Tribeca Loft—like 10 of us showed up. Becky coming to Beacon to meet Iza for the first time in 2013.

There are too many moments to count, but my life is filled with history, stories, connections, and opportunities because of Mercersburg. I would love to hear your favorite Mercersburg memories—in person—at our 20th reunion. And perhaps even more so, I’d love to hear what you’ve been doing since we last saw each other, texted, emailed, WhatsApp’d, Instagrammed or Facebook’d (some words that most definitely didn’t exist when we were freshmen and likely don’t live in the Oxford English Dictionary yet).

We all left Mercersburg and pursued unique and varied paths. While reunions can carry some anxiety, thankfully time erases. It is going to be a great weekend. I'm excited to come back to see those who I was close to, and I'm also looking forward to making new connections. 20 years is a big deal, folks.

I have recently had the chance to see our four-year-and-forever Class President Jasen in Vegas (three times in under a year, which is starting to be an awesome habit) and it has reminded me of the deep, unbreakable connection we built as tweens-adults. Every time I see him it feels like home. Mercersburg is so much of the foundation we have grown from and I want to give that to my children one day. Iza Ruby Brand ’31 + Zai Stefan Brand ’34. Can we start talking about some kind of payment plan, y’all?

Register today – Hasta pronto a las 6 de Junio mas y menos. I'll see you on campus June!


Rache Brand (E. Rachael Baird) '99
Reunion Committee Member: Completely overwhelmed with life, work, everything, but still coming to our 20th reunion.
Rache@rachebrand.com | (845) 366-9800 | @rachebrand

P.S. Early-bird all-inclusive rates are available until May 1—find details here.
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