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‘Pictures of Poets’ on Display Through April 30

In honor of National Poetry Month, “Pictures of Poets,” an exhibit of photography by Dean Davis, is on display in the Burgin Center for the Arts’ Cofrin Gallery through April 30. Davis, the uncle of Colby Walker ’19 and Holden Walker ’23, presented the photos as a gift to the Class of 2019.

“We are pleased and fortunate to again feature in the Cofrin Gallery the fine photographic artistry of Dean Davis,” said Sydney Caretti, Mercersburg’s director of galleries and a member of the arts faculty.

Davis is the half-brother of Mercersburg faculty member and history teacher Dan Walker P ’19, ’23. Davis learned of his link with the Walkers through a 23andMe DNA test.

A photographer based in Spokane, WA, Davis has worked with photography students during previous visits to Mercersburg.

The show, which also was exhibited for Colby Walker’s senior year, features Davis’ photos that are now part of the school’s permanent collection.

As part of the exhibit, QR codes are displayed with each visual image, connecting the viewer to the poet reading his or her poetry.

“You can listen to original recited poetry by each artist as you stand eye to eye with their larger-than-life portraits,” Caretti said. “This interactive exhibit is only a fraction of the talented poets Dean has captured through his lens with personality and presence in the clearest of detail. The entire online collection is available on his website,”

To schedule a time to view the exhibit, contact Caretti at 717-328-6206 or