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National Cathedral School Tops Girls' Varsity Tennis

Mercersburg fell to National Cathedral School (Washington, DC) 5-2 in a girls' varsity tennis match played in Washington October 14.

Head coach Mike Sweeney noted, "The match was played on the clay courts at St. Albans School, and the different surface proved to be a challenge for Mercersburg."



#1 Hisano Enomoto '25 (M) def. Victoria Matthews (NCS), 10-5
#2 Merve Uyumaztork (NCS) def. Isabel Su '23 (M), 10-5
#3 Day Kim '23 (M) def. Yasman Rabah (NCS), 10-5
#4 Layla Hajj (NCS) def. Mogere Nyakoe '25 (M), 10-1
#5 Norah Madan (NCS) def. Anezka Pospisilova '26 (M), 10-4


#1 Aerin Fenty/Eve Bowker (NCS) def. Sam Jacobs '23/Cate Dougherty '24 (M), 10-2
#2 Katherine Millien/Charlotte Reed (NC) def. Katie Himes '23/Jamie Hyung '23 (M), 10-3

Mercersburg (6-3) visits Potomac School on Wednesday, October 19 for a 4:15 p.m. match.