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Meet 2022-2023 Officers for Student Council, Class Council

Following the election of the Junior (9th grade) Class Council, Mercersburg officially announces the entire roster of class officers and Student Council officers for 2022–2023:

Student Council
President: Peter Rice ’23, Martinsburg, WV
Vice president: Kalwa Tembo ‘23, Centreville, VA
Executive member at large: Manny Ponce ’23, Union City, NJ
Faculty adviser: Jo Wrzesinsky P ’26        

Senior Class Council (Class of 2023)     
President: Minh Tran, Hanoi, Vietnam
Vice president: Ryan Casey, Vienna, VA
Director of communications and historian: Koko Chen, Shanghai, China
Director of student activities: Isabel Su, Hagerstown, MD
Grade dean: Betsy Cunningham P ’22, ’24            

Upper Middler Class Council (Class of 2024)
President: Sihyeon Bae, Seoul, South Korea
Vice president: Emerson Lissette, Southport, CT
Director of communications and historian: Gigi Devlin, Montreal, Quebec
Director of student activities: Bob Hollis, Chestertown, MD
Grade dean: Kristin Ahlgren P ’19, ’21, ’22

Lower Middler Class Council (Class of 2025)
President: Albert Park, Incheon, South Korea
Vice president: Cecilia Wang, Beijing, China
Director of communications and historian: Taimur Rehman, Greencastle, PA
Director of student activities: Ryan Kothari, Hagerstown, MD
Grade dean: Cindy Fowler

Junior Class Council (Class of 2026)
President: Lilly Killinger, Middleburg, VA
Vice president: Thomas Zhu, Shanghai, China
Director of communications and historian: Jessica Dang, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Director of student activities: Cole Piraino, Chevy Chase, MD
Grade dean: Andy Brown

The Student Executive Committee is composed of members of the Student Council, the president and vice president of each Class Council, and Dean of Students Jo Wrzesinsky.

Pictured: Presidents, top row, from left: Minh Tran, Peter Rice, Sihyeon Bae. Bottom row, from left, Albert Park and Lilly Killinger.