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Inaugural Class of ’69 Lecture Highlights Wajahat Ali

Wajahat Ali, author of “Go Back To Where You Came From: And Other Helpful Recommendations on How to Become American,” was the featured speaker at the inaugural Class of 1969 Global Engagement Lecture, Tuesday, April 4, in the Burgin Center for the Arts’ Simon Theatre.

Social entrepreneur and inventor Kavita Shukla was going to present the lecture, but was unable to do so, due to unforeseen circumstances.

Ali has written for the New York Times, the Washington Post, and The Atlantic about immigration, politics, and parenthood with boldness, hope, and humor. The book is his memoir, and was named one of Amazon’s Best Books of the Year. It follows his life as a Muslim Pakistani-American.

The Class of 1969 Global Engagement Lecture exposes students and faculty to learning through the broadest possible global lens; or, more specifically, the goal is to expose students and faculty to complex world issues through visits throughout the year from scholars, political and journalistic figures, and visual and performing artists. 

Previous endowed lectures this school year have included the Jacobs Residency Lecture (Dianna Lora ’00), the Schaff Lecture on Ethics and Morals (Yuval Levin), and the Joseph Hilliard Beauregard ’18 Memorial Generosity of Spirit School Meeting (Charlie Bell ’71). This year’s endowed lecture series will conclude with the Ammerman Family Lecture at the end of April (Dacher Keltner). 


Pictured: Wajahat Ali speaks to Mercersburg faculty and students Tuesday, April 4, in the Burgin Center for the Arts’ Simon Theatre.