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Girls’ V Squash Wins Nationals Bracket

Mercersburg’s girls’ varsity squash team outlasted top-seeded Miss Porter’s School, 4–3, in the finals of the Division IV bracket at the US Squash High School Team Championships February 27 in Newtown Square, PA.

The Blue Storm (14–3 overall) was the No. 3 seed in the draw, and defeated Westminster (CT), Conestoga (PA), and Millbrook (NY) February 25–26 en route to the finals, where they edged the Daisies (of Farmington, CT) by a 4–3 count. Mercersburg got victories from the top four spots on the ladder: Indira Moshi ’24 (3-1), Martina Vega Calero ’23 (3-0), Greta Lawler ’23 (3-2), and Camille Smith ’22 (3-2).

The US Squash ratings of both teams indicated that Mercersburg would be the clear underdog in its matchup with Miss Porter’s. The #3s and #4s went on court first; in both matches, Miss Porter’s jumped out to the early lead. Greta Lawler ’23 evened the #3 match at 1-1 and then edged ahead to 2-1. Her opponent, Mary Zheng, took the fourth game, moving the match to a deciding fifth.  

Meanwhile, on court 1, Camille Smith ’22 was down 0-2 at #4 and not finding many answers to the powerful strokes of Virginia Carroll from Porter’s. In the third game, Smith began to solve the puzzle, hitting high and soft to the back, whipping in boasts, and completely changing the complexion of the match. When she completed the comeback, a roar was heard on the adjacent court where Lawler was in a tight fifth game. Lawler used the energy to pull through. What looked like at one point like a potential 0-2 hole turned into a 2-0 lead for Mercersburg.

Mercersburg’s #2, Martina Vega Calero ’23, continued her steady play, dispatching her opponent in three games. Vega Calero finished the season with an incredible 16-1 record at the #2 position. 

Porter’s was the stronger side at #5 and #6. The score was 3-2 in favor of Mercersburg with the #1s and #7s yet to play. The Blue Storm needed one of the two matches to go its way for the win.

Mercersburg’s #1, Indira Moshi ’24, entered the court with her 16-0 perfect record on the line and an opportunity to clinch the Division IV national championship. When she dropped a nervy first game to her smooth opponent (Mira Karande) from Porter’s (only the second game she lost all season), it was clear that she was in for a fight.  Moshi battled through a tough second game, winning 13-11, moving the match to 1-1 and grabbing the momentum. With the Blue Storm boys’ team and a large, vocal group of fans cheering her on, Moshi carried the team to a 3-1 victory, moving her dream season to a perfect 17-0.  

“This group of girls worked together, never gave up, supported one another, and earned this championship through hard work, determination, and guts,” Mercersburg head coach Mike Sweeney said. “I couldn’t be more proud of all of the hard work and effort that they put in during this tournament and put forth all season.”

FINALS: Mercersburg 4, Miss Porter’s School 3
#1 Indira Moshi ’24 (M) def. Mira Karande (MPS), 9–11, 13–11, 11–3, 11–6
#2 Martina Vega Calero ’23 (M) def. Taylor Hall (MPS), 11–5, 11–3, 11–6
#3 Greta Lawler ’23 (M) def. Mary Zheng (MPS), 9–11, 11–3, 11–7, 7–11, 11–6
#4 Camille Smith ’22 (M) def. Virginia Carroll (MPS), 2–11, 4–11, 11–5, 11–8, 11–9
#5 Mary Lansing (MPS) def. Coco Zhai ’24 (M), 11–6, 11–3, 11–3
#6 Marah Deckers (MPS) def. Joyce Cui ’22 (M), 11–2, 11–3, 11–9
#7 Molly Andrews (MPS) def. Hisano Enomoto ’25 (M), 8–11, 11–7, 11–8, 8–11, 12–10

SEMIFINALS: Mercersburg 5, Millbrook 2
In a Saturday semifinal, Mercersburg was paired with Millbrook School of Dutchess County, NY (north of New York City). Coming off an upset win in the quarterfinals over #5 Hopkins School, the 10th-seeded Millbrook squad matched up closely with Mercersburg. The matches were tough, but Mercersburg prevailed, winning 5-2.  

#1 Indira Moshi ’24 (M'burg) def. Talbot Anning (Mill), 11–1, 11–1, 11–2
#2 Martina Vega Calero ’23 (M'burg) def. Sadie Wilson (Mill), 11–5, 11–8, 11–8
#3 Greta Lawler ’23 (M'burg) def. Phebe Fisher (Mill), 17–15, 7–11, 11–4, 11–2
#4 Camille Smith ’22 (M'burg) def. Josie Duggan (Mill), 8–11, 8–11, 11–6, 11–1, 11–6
#5 Caroline Frase (Mill) def. Coco Zhai ’24 (M'burg), 11–5, 14–12, 11–8
#6 Elle O’Brien (Mill) def. Joyce Cui ’22 (M'burg), 5–11, 12–10, 11–7, 11–6
#7 Hisano Enomoto ’25 (M'burg) def. Skyler Rockwell (Mill), 11–6, 9–11, 11–7, 11–6

QUARTERFINALS: Mercersburg 5, Conestoga 2
#1 Indira Moshi ’24 (M) def. Abigail Bagby (C), 11–2, 11–1, 11–3
#2 Martina Vega Calero ’23 (M) def. Anthea Lin (C), 11–5, 11–4, 11–6
#3 Greta Lawler ’23 (M) def. Rhea Malik (C), 13–11, 11–8, 12–10
#4 Hiba Samdani (C) def. Camille Smith ’22 (M), 11–9, 11–13, 9–11, 11–8, 11–6
#5 Elise Bermingham (C) def. Coco Zhai ’24 (M), 11–4, 11–7, 9–11, 9–11, 8–11
#6 Joyce Cui ’22 (M) def. (C), 11–5, 11–4, 11–9
#7 Hisano Enomoto ’25 (M) def. Noe Rowe (C), 11–4, 11–2, 11–8