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'Evolution of Identity' Artist to Visit Mercersburg Academy

By Shanuka Navaratne '25

Mixed media installation artist Ju Yun will visit Mercersburg Academy Monday, October 30, to attend a reception for her exhibition, “Evolution of Identity,” which has been on display in the Cofrin Gallery at the Burgin Center for the Arts. The reception is open to the public and will take place from 6:30 to 8 p.m.  

“We are fortunate to host Ju Yun on campus not only for her exceptional and evocative artwork, but she also brings her own voice, paired with pop culture references, that grants us permission to reimagine how art is defined,” said Sydney Caretti, arts faculty member and the school’s director of galleries. “Her work offers cultural connections within our diverse student population as a relatable experience, represented by engaging elements and a vibrant activation that breaks the picture plane.”

Yun is originally from South Korea, but later moved to the United States. She resides in Virginia. Her inspiration is largely derived from the experiences she had adopting a new homeland, while also not neglecting her roots. Living at the convergence of two cultures was a challenge. She highlights how her art has progressively changed since she first arrived here, often deviating from the rich layers of color she typically used. Her artist statement notes that her versatility is a reflection of the adaptation she had to endure when she first arrived in America. 

Yun, who earned a BFA in painting from Corcoran College of Art and Design, often explores contemporary artistic themes of Western formalism and space while incorporating traditional Korean foundations. She uses the world around her, such as pop culture and the media, to craft her concepts.

Her artistic experimentation has been showcased at a variety of institutions and exhibitions, including the New York Art Expo. Yun also has worked with embassies, museums, and universities worldwide. Yun’s works at the Cofrin Gallery reveal the immigrant experience of a Korean-American. 

Photo by Sean Qin '25