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Doubell Publishes Essay on Space, Place in Children’s Literature

Burgin Center for the Arts Technical Director Jessica Doubell’s master’s thesis was published in Places of Childhood Fancy: Essays on Space and Speculation in Children’s Book Series, a book of essays about space and place in children’s literature. 

Doubell’s work, “Space as a Journey to Survival in Ann Aguirre's Enclave,” was the final for her master’s of humanities in literature from Wilson College. 

From her essay: “In his book, Space and Place, Yi-Fu Tuan claims, ‘Space is of course, more than a complex and shifting viewpoint or feeling. It is a condition of biological survival.’ Space is more than where we live and move, it is where we survive.”

Enclave is about a young woman who grew up after the second apocalypse in an underground subway tunnel. It is the only space she has ever known, and when she is exiled, she has to learn to survive in a space and place she has never known: the world above. The book is about her journey from place to place and how she survives in each of those spaces.

Learn more about the publication here.