Mercersburg Takes the EcoDorm Electricity Challenge

Wednesday, February 5, 2020
The Green Team prepares posters for the EcoDorm Electricity Challenge.

The 14th annual EcoDorm Electricity Challenge is underway at Mercersburg Academy. Each year, the Green Team, Mercersburg’s student-run environmental organization, sponsors a friendly competition among the dorms to see which one reduces its electricity use the most during a given period of time. This year's challenge runs from January 20 through February 14. 

“It goes without saying that the entire point of this competition is to use these weeks to try and change our habits regarding energy use to conserve energy, while still living life regularly,” says Will Willis, Mercersburg’s director of environmental initiatives. “Once you start turning off lights that are not in use, it will become a habit. You save money and burn fewer fossil fuels. That’s a win-win. Imagine if this entire country simply started turning off lights that are not being used, unplugging appliances that are not being used, running full loads of laundry, etc. We can save tremendous amounts of energy just through not being wasteful.”

After two weeks, Culbertson House is in the lead, followed by South Cottage in second place and Main Hall in third, but all dorms still have the chance to win first place overall. Results are tabulated and announced at the end of each week.

Learn more about Mercersburg’s environmental initiatives and the Green Team at, and follow Mercersburg’s Green Team on Instagram at Results of this year’s EcoDorm Electricity Challenge will be announced on the Green Team’s Instagram page and the school’s Instagram page,