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Spirit of Football Visits Mercersburg

Soccer's equivalent to the Olympic torch came to Mercersburg Academy in September. “The Ball,” Spirit of Football's symbol to raise awareness for global issues, was presented at an all-school meeting honoring international students.

During the meeting, Miles Maggioncalda '23 signed The Ball, demonstrated a header, and made a climate pledge. Maggioncalda, a member of the varsity soccer team, is focusing on global issues as part of his Springboard senior capstone project.

The Ball then circulated around campus during the afternoon, as students and faculty were invited to sign and head The Ball.

Karli Richards Stenger '97 and her husband, Scott Stenger, serve as Spirit of Football ambassadors and assisted with bringing The Ball to Mercersburg.

In addition, the collaboration of the school and the Mercersburg Historical Society inspired “One World, One Ball,” the theme for the 2022 Nancy Horton Heefner Memorial Art Show. Local artists were encouraged to submit their work by contacting Syd Caretti P '24, '26, Mercersburg arts faculty member and director of galleries, and the show ran for approximately one month in the fall.

The Ball left Battersea Park in London on July 10, and is making several stops on its way to the FIFA Women's World Cup in Australia and New Zealand in 2023. While The Ball typically travels to the FIFA Men's World Cup, it is heading to the Women's World Cup this year to acknowledge the contribution women bring to the sport of soccer, which is called football in most countries, except for the United States.   

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