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Winter 2024
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Summer 2023
Issue 1
Winter 2023
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Fall 2022

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Serving the Whole Learner

Since its founding in 1893, Mercersburg Academy has been intentional in serving the whole learner, complementing rigorous academics with intriguing and invigorating activities and opportunities outside of the classroom.

We asked those working with students to share what they hope is gained from interactions with their area of campus, how they measure success, their goals for the future, and their thoughts about learning.

The stories related to us point to a community where students are encouraged to explore their interests in a myriad of ways. As they investigate the how and why of an activity, they also learn who they are and how they best excel.

Director of Arts Programming Matt Maurer P '18, '20, '22, '23 relates, “We hope they gain confidence, feel camaraderie, a sense of purpose, a sense of safety and support.”

We are providing a foundation that prepares students for their futures, however varied those may be.

An Opportunity to Learn from Each Other

Powerful Beyond Measure

Reciprocal Relationships, Empowering Experiences

Laboratory for Learning

Gaining Perspective

A Passion for Play

Unlocking Hidden Potential

A Sense of Belonging, Safety, Support

Dining Hall Offers Home-like Atmosphere

Navigating Life in a Positive Way

Maintaining a Ministry of Presence

Seeing the World Differently

Coaching the Coaches

Person First, Product Second

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