Latin Students Recognized for Exam Results

Thursday, May 14, 2020
Left to right is Sarah Grady ’23, Paige Cromwell ’20, Ryer Hastings ’20, and Leo Li ’20,
and Jasmine Zhu ’23.

Nearly 30 Mercersburg Academy students were recognized after taking this year’s National Latin Exam in early March. The test has three levels that correlate with placement in either Latin I, II, or III and an additional level for those students in Advanced Placement or post-Advanced Placement. Several awards and distinctions are given: medals, ribbons, and certificates as well as recognition in Cum Laude, Summa Cum Laude, and Magna Cum Laude.

Medals are the top prize; nine were awarded to Mercersburg Academy students this year.

Sarah Grady ’22 (Level II) was awarded Summa Cum Laude.

Magna Cum Laude was awarded to three students at the Advanced Placement or post-Advanced Placement levels (Paige Cromwell ’20, Ryer Hastings ’20, and Leo Li ’20).

In the first level, Jasmine Zhu ’23 wrote a perfect paper, the first Mercersburg student to do so in the 27 years the exam has been administered.

“I am very proud of our students and their commitment to excellence in the classics,” said Tom Thorne, language faculty.

In Level III, Eric Liu ’22 and Ben Rihn ’22 received gold medals; silver medals were awarded to CJ Hoffman ’23, Ryan Kim ’21, Conrad Lee ’22, and Jolie Viener ’21. 

In Advanced Placement and post-Advanced Placement, Alexa Marsh ’21 received a gold medal; Jack Kothari ’20 and Lian Wang ’21 were awarded silver medals.

Zane Arky ’23, Elizabeth Flaherty ’21, and Ujwal Linga ’23 received ribbons at Level I; Francis Betkowski ’23, Adam Deavers ’23, and William Sokolski ’22 were awarded certificates. 

At Level II, Katie Doyle ’21, Frances Elwood ’23, Jay Howley ’21, Christopher Tompkins ’23, and Reese Wilten ’22 were given Cum Laude awards, as were Alex Gound ’22, Shoki Nemoto ’21, and Fiona Sweeney ’22 at Level III.