Mercersburg Intensive


Immerse. Imagine. Inspire.

Mercersburg students focused on more than 50 different topics during the Mercersburg Intensive, a new four-week academic period which was held for the first time this year between the school’s fall and winter terms. From Monday, November 16, to Thursday, December 17 (with a weeklong break for Thanksgiving), groups of between five and 18 students examined a wide range of course topics curated and designed by the school’s faculty and staff, in many cases with a special focus on this moment and year. Each student’s academic schedule consisted entirely of a single Intensive course during these four weeks, allowing for deep and meaningful learning, synthesis, creativity, and exploration to take hold.
From big data to stopping the spread of misinformation, and from examining the experiences of Indigenous populations to the work of Black American filmmakers and the design of walkable cities, the courses encompassed a robust and eclectic range of subjects—many of which were designed around the school’s 2020–2021 theme of “Making a Difference.” All courses were held in a virtual environment. Learn more about the Mercersburg Intensive.



 John David Bennett, Mercersburg’s dean of curricular innovation, describes the Intensive as “an opportunity to wipe away the periphery and become absorbed in a joyful, inspiring, satisfying sojourn into learning and discovery.”



"I have learned to grapple between modern and ancient concepts of ethnicity and race. Though the sexuality portion of the course has yet to come, I am sure that it will be just as interesting as the study of race. Overall, this intensive has been extremely engaging and has allowed me to revisit concepts that I might have not fully understood when I took Ancient Mediterranean History in ninth grade. By the end of this intensive, my peers and I will have the opportunity to compile ways in which the concepts of ancient sexuality and race can be taught to future ninth-grade students at Mercersburg."

Anna Deavers ’21
Enrolled in "Race and Sexuality in the Ancient World" intensive 





Mercersburg wishes to thank the following alumni who gave of their time to connect with students through their Intensive courses:

Nathan Abel ’17

Nancy Abudu ’92

Pam Aquino ’06

David Ashton ’06

Claire Atkins ’07

Harrison Brink ’11

Pia Catton ’92

Charles Cutshall ’03

Bass Diakhoumpa ’18

Lois Findlay ’80

Melody Gomez ’13

Gabriel Hammond ’97

Kevin Harris ’98

Charles Koontz ’92

Kyle Lininger ’02

Rebecca Lowe ’99

Molly Malone ’01

John Martinko ’97

Mark Montgomery ’81

Connor Mulloy ’13

Mark Pyper ’83

Mackenzie Quinn ’12

Frank Rutherford ’70

William Scott ’04

Andy Shirk ’00

Max Strauss ’12

Dean Taylor ’69

Julia Wiedeman Whitehouse ’98

Cabell Williams ’73

Austin Young ’06

Travis Youngs ’06

Molly Zemek ’94