Health and Safety Expectations

Because the landscape for COVID-19 is variable by region, the school has developed on-campus health and safety levels. While the school has remained in Level 2 and 3, our hope is that through the course of the year, we will be able to move into lower levels of mitigation, which would allow for the easing of restrictions for our community. To help slow the spread and transmission of COVID-19, restrictions include the following:


The school is adhering to Pennsylvania and CDC guidance regarding face coverings. All students, faculty, and staff are required to wear a mask at all times, except when eating, sleeping, in their dorm rooms, or in their "circles." Information on the proper use, removal, and care of face masks can be found widely on campus.

Physical Distancing 

While the world has adopted the term “social distancing” when referring to the six-feet-apart rule, we want to make it clear to our students that the “social” aspect of school will be just as important had this been a year with no pandemic. We want our students to interact, laugh, share stories, and discuss the happenings of the day. Going forward, our community will use the term “physical distancing” instead. While we must remain physically at a distance to protect our community, we will still be social. In fact, we encourage it! Students are asked to stay six feet apart from each other when walking, eating, in class, and in other designated indoor areas. This requirement will be eased when students are in their circle groups on a dormitory floor. Students are allowed to be within less than six feet of each other only if outdoors and wearing a mask and must not be touching.

Contact Tracing

The school is adhering to the Pennsylvania and CDC guidance regarding contact tracing. A COVID-19 response contact-tracing team made up of at least 20 adult members of the community will conduct contact tracing interviews via telephone or in person. Designated members of this team will be mobilized immediately upon notification from the Health and Wellness Center staff that a student or employee may be positive with COVID-19. The school is requiring all students, faculty, and staff to download the TRACE app that will assist in this process. It is important to note: those who are considered to be a contact are those who were within six feet of an infected person for at least 15 minutes, regardless of whether they were wearing a mask.

Symptom Checking

All members of the school community will complete the Mercersburg Daily Health Check digital screening each morning prior to leaving their respective dorm rooms, apartments, or homes. If no symptoms are reported, community members can proceed with the day under school protocols. If students report symptoms, they are directed by the health check to remain in place and to contact the Rutherford Health and Wellness Center for a telehealth check. Health Center personnel are notified of the student’s report and will reach out to the student if the student does not initiate contact. The health screening information for students will be monitored daily by the Health Center staff. Observation will also be done by dorm faculty and teaching faculty, checking on students regularly to ensure health and wellness. Data is stored on a secure server, with access by medical personnel and authorized school personnel only.

Testing and Quarantine Before School

Every student must obtain a PCR COVID-19 test within 7 days before returning to campus, and that test report must be submitted to the Rutherford Health and Wellness Center upon arrival. (Employees must also obtain the swab test.) Our best hope in remaining fully open to on-campus learning will be to limit any virus on campus, and the care taken before students return to school will be critical to our success.


If a student is exhibiting symptoms, they will be isolated and assessed in the COVID unit of the Health Center. Students will remain in isolation until a parent or guardian can take them to their home or another appropriate location off campus to isolate/quarantine. If they cannot be evacuated from campus, the student will remain on campus, in isolation, in accordance with CDC guidelines. If able, students will continue their learning virtually.

Quarantine Because of Contact

Students who are identified as having been in contact with a student who has been isolated because of COVID-like symptoms will be quarantined in a designated area for 14 days. We strongly encourage families to pick up students from campus for their quarantine period; if not, students will stay in North Cottage or a local hotel (for a nominal fee) with a school chaperone for no fewer than 14 days symptom-free. Students in quarantine will have meals delivered, and we will have a designated location on campus for quarantined students to enjoy the outdoors, interact with masks, be physically distant, and be set up to continue their learning virtually; however, they will sleep in these other accommodations. Again, we want to emphasize that it is preferred that students be picked up and quarantine off site.

Rutherford Health and Wellness Center

The Rutherford Health and Wellness Center, renovated in 2018, strives to provide the most exceptional health care possible to our students. The Health Center is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week while school is in session, and a licensed nurse is on duty around the clock. Students may be seen by scheduled appointment or on a walk-in basis. In addition to a staff that includes licensed nurses, nurse practitioners, and the school physician, our Health Center medical team also includes athletic trainers who work closely with the Health Center to care for sports-related injuries.