Girls’ V Tennis Gets Past Chambersburg

Tuesday, October 5, 2021
Sam Jacobs ’23

Mercersburg’s girls’ varsity tennis team defeated Chambersburg High School by a score of 11–1 October 5 at the Smoyer Tennis Center. The format was eight singles and four doubles matches, featuring 8-game prosets for each match.  

The doubles went on court first, and the Blue Storm took the early lead in all four matches. The Blue Storm was the more aggressive team, looking to take control of the net at every opportunity.  

In singles, the matches were more competitive, featuring plenty of good points on all courts. Mercersburg ultimately won seven of the eight singles matches, with the lone win for Chambersburg coming in a tightly contested match at #3 singles.  

1. Hisano Enomoto ’25 (M) def. Vessah (C), 8-1
2. Isabel Su ’23 (M) def. Flohr (C), 8-0
3. Wissinger (C) def. Dayoung Kim ’23 (M), 8-5
4. Camille Smith ’22 (M) def. Miller (C), 8-0
5. Izzy Jones ’22 (M) def. Kimberly (C), 8-2
6. Sam Jacobs ’23 (M) def. Forrester (C), 8-0
7. Jaime Hyung ’23 (M) def. Fiegl (C), 8-2
8. Mogere Nyakoe ’25 (M) def. Redding (C), 8-3

1. Enomoto/Su (M) def. Vessah/Flohr (C), 8-0
2. Jones/Jacobs (M) def. Miller/Kimberly (C), 8-1
3. Kim/Smith (M) def. Forrester/Fiesl (C), 8-1
4. Nyaoke/Savannah Poe ’23 (M) def. Redding/Wissinger (C), 8-0

The Storm (5–3, 2–1 Mid-Atlantic Prep League) hosts MAPL powerhouse Lawrenceville Saturday, October 9, at 1 p.m. at the Smoyer Tennis Center. The contest is part of Family Weekend festivities.