Football Stays Ahead of KSFL Foes in Virtual Competition

Friday, October 9, 2020
Adam Deavers ’23/Christopher Tompkins ’23

In the second week of the Keystone State Football League virtual competition during this unique 2020 season, Adam Deavers ’23 did 62 pushups in one minute to help Mercersburg’s football team maintain first place in the standings. Pushups and the kneeling medicine ball throw (with a 10-pound ball) were the two events.

CURRENT STANDINGS through Week 2 (lowest score is best):
Mercersburg 67
Valley Forge Military Academy 110
Delaware County Christian School 129
Perkiomen School 141

Deavers’ 62 pushups were tops among skill players from the four schools. (Each event features a separate division for skill players and “bigs” (offensive and defensive linemen). Chris Howard of Valley Forge Military Academy tallied 63 pushups to take first place in the “bigs” division.

All five Mercersburg athletes finished in the top four in their respective divisions in the pushup competition. Tommy Quick ’22 notched 53 pushups for third place and Jonas Hawk ’24 had 50 pushups for fourth place among skill players. In the “bigs” division, Christopher Tompkins ’23 collected 55 pushups (good for second place behind Valley Forge’s Howard) and Louis Concordia ’22 had 50 (fourth place).

Luke Hendricks ’24 tied for first among bigs in the medicine-ball throw; his distance of 25 feet, 8 inches equaled the effort of Valley Forge’s Juan Pablo Moncado. Logan Butts ’23 took fifth (20 feet, 9 inches). Mercersburg grabbed the second-place (Ryan MacInnis ’23, 25’6”), fourth-place (Jake Ahlgren ’21, 24’4”), and sixth-place (Luke Golumbic ’23, 22’10”) finishes.

Week 3 of the six-week competition features the 40-yard dash and the L-Drill/3-Cone Drill.

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