Episcopal Edges Boys’ Tennis

Friday, April 23, 2021
Dylan Gantt ’21 and Luis Gomez ’21  won their doubles match

Mercersburg’s boys’ varsity tennis team needed a sweep of three doubles matches after dropping three of five singles matches in order to edge host Episcopal High School April 24. The teams of Dylan Gantt ’21 and Luis Gomez ’21 and Arnav Pallapothu ’23 and Declan Butts ’22 won their matches, but the host Maroon’s #2 team held off the Blue Storm duo of Jamie Talley ’23 and Goshi Kamiya ’22 to claim a 5-4 win.

#1   Thomas Peacock (E) d. Dylan Gantt ’21 (M): 10-6
#2   Luis Gomez ’21 (M) d. Max Wriedt (E): 10-3
#3   Claude Morris (E) d. Arnav Pallapothu ’23 (M): 10-5
#4   Giuseppe Cecchi (E) d. Jamie Talley ’23 (M): 10-3
#5   Goshi Kamiya ’22 (M) d. Dillon Boszhardt (E): 10-5
#6   Evan Davis (E) d. Declan Butts ’22 (M): 10-3

#1   Dylan Gantt/Luis Gomez (M) d. Thomas Peacock/Max Wriedt (E): 8-4
#2   Giuseppe Cecchi/Claude Morris (E) d. Jamie Talley/Goshi Kamiya (M): 8-6
#3   Arnav Pallapothu/Declan Butts (M) d. Evan Davis/Stuart Knops (E): 8-4

"Last week we won a close one [over Hill], and this week we lost a close one," Mercersburg head coach Eric Hicks said. "We didn’t get started well in singles. We played from behind in most of the matches.

"In doubles, however, we led in all the matches. A sweep was what we needed to pull out the match. But Episcopal's #2 team rallied to win four straight games to seal the match."

Mercersburg (1-1) heads farther south next weekend to face Virginia Episcopal School Saturday, May 1, in Lynchburg, VA.