Mercersburg embraces a school-wide tablet program to reinforce the 21st-century skills taught throughout the school’s curriculum. The iPad serves multiple purposes including textbook, organizational planner, calendar, research aid, communication tool, presentation device, notebook, word processor, and study support. All students are expected to arrive at Mercersburg with an iPad (4th Generation) or newer version and be fully up to date with the latest iOS. Although we are leaving the decision of where to purchase the iPad and the size of memory on the iPad up to each individual family, you may purchase the iPad from a retail store or the Apple online store via this link:

Mercersburg’s campus has a wireless network in all academic, dormitory, and most public spaces. Therefore, an iPad with WiFi will be sufficient and 3G/4G models are not necessary.

iPad Requirements
Version - iPad 4th Generation (iOS 10.3.2 or greater)
Memory - Up to the family
Textbooks - has a large selection of eBooks; some classes will provide a teacher-authored iBook free of charge.
Applications - See following chart:

App Cost
Pages Free
Keynote Free
Notability $9.99
iBooks Free
FirstClass Free
DropBox Free
Evernote Free
Scan Free
Kindle Free
iTunes U Free
Schoology Free
iMovie Free


It is not a requirement that a student own a computer while at Mercersburg. All students have access to the school network via their iPad or at computer stations or labs throughout the campus. Additionally, each dormitory has at least one computer for everyone’s use. There are also printers that everyone may use throughout the campus in public spaces.

If a student chooses to bring a computer to school, students and parents should be sure that any computer brought onto campus has an Ethernet card installed. Student rooms are all equipped with a wired network connection point for each student. Wi-Fi is also available throughout the campus.

Any computer purchased new in the last two or three years should be sufficient. Any computer running Mac OSX 10.11 or Windows 7 or newer will be supported.

Accessing the school network:

All devices will need to be registered using network credentials to have full network connectivity. New students will receive their network credentials during Inbound. Computers running Windows operating systems will require the installation of Symantec’s Endpoint Protection software for anti-virus/malware. Other anti-virus/malware products should be disabled or uninstalled. To facilitate the installation of the Symantec software, parental control software should be disabled prior to arrival to campus. Any device that can’t be registered manually must be brought to the Information Technology department before it is connected to the network (e.g. networkable printers, speakers, etc.).

Email address:

All students have email accounts that are accessible from within the campus network and Internet. Most student email addresses are composed of the last name, first initial, last two digits of graduation year, and “”, e.g.

Cell phone and Internet access:

Students who have parental permission to have a cell phone and who have registered the cell phone with the Office of Student Life may use a cell phone according to guidelines that are explained to students at the beginning of the year and can be found in the The Blue Book. Cell phone use on trips away from campus will be determined by the chaperone or faculty person accompanying that trip. Students in violation of established guidelines will have their cell phones confiscated as a minimum response.

Students may not use cell phones during required study hours or after their final check-in in the dormitory. Students who need to use the telephone during those time periods must have permission from a faculty member.
Founded in 1893 in the heart of Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic, Mercersburg is a private, coed, college preparatory boarding school with approximately 435 students (15 percent are day), grades 9-12 and postgraduate.
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