Environmental Initiatives

Green Team

The Green Team has been in existence since 2000. It continues to be student-driven, which means that students largely determine the direction it may take in a given year. While activity is hard to quantify, it is certainly one of the more active groups on campus. The Green Team has made announcements, created posters, and campaigned in the dorms to educate the community. In addition to having lobbied for initiatives like the mugs in the dining hall, they have led numerous annual programs.

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  • EcoDorm Challenge (formerly the Green Team Challenge)

    (formerly the Green Team Challenge): This heated one-month battle (in January) between the dorms to save the most energy (kWh per capita per day) started back in 2005; it became a water-conservation challenge in 2017. The victors are as follows:
    2005: Fowle
    2006: Tippetts
    2007: Culbertson
    2008: Keil
    2009: Culbertson
    2010: South
    2011: Culbertson
    2012: South
    2013: South
    2014: Culbertson
    2015: Fowle
    2017: Swank
  • Green Cup Challenge

    Green Team students have led the community through this international competition between schools to reduce electricity use for a month, starting back in January 2009. The baseline is the average of the previous three years’ Green Cup Challenges, which has been a difficult and floating number given construction projects, varying winter conditions, and the addition/renovation of campus spaces. Green Cup Challenge Results are as follows:

    2008: -0.002%
    2009: -5.42%
    2010: +1.36%
    2011: +1.05%
    2012: -9.10%
    2013: -6.34% (Mid-Atlantic Conference Winners)
    2014: +2.17
    2015: +6.73
  • Project Earth Day Education and Networking (Project EDEN)

    While the Green Team has a long history of holding fundraisers and educational projects around Earth Day (including like concerts to raise funds for Amazonian rainforest or assisting in the environmental remediation of the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina), Project EDEN was started in 2014 as a collaborative project with the Voices 4 Justice club. Students raise money to buy LED light bulbs for the students and families at Mercersburg Elementary School, and visit the school to give a presentation to those students about the environmental importance of LEDs, as well as the cost-savings benefits. Students of all ages have a blast with the presentation.
  • Special Projects

    Because the Green Team is student-led, motivated student leaders have organized projects of interest to them and the community. As one example, this movie shows how three students worked with members of the Buildings & Grounds crew and Will Willis to do a trash/recycling audit, film the process, and make a short film about it for the community to see.

Waste Audit

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