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  • Costa Rica
Only one more full day remains

After our raft safari trip, we went back to the hotel and relaxed. We have a pool with a beautiful view of the volcano, and we all enjoyed it this afternoon. We also went downtown and bought plenty of fresh fruit to add to the experience. It should be easy to see the Volcano Arenal in the background of the photo above. It's visible almost everywhere in town. Our hotel has quite the view of it, though. 




After our chill afternoon, we went downtown to eat dinner at the familiar Lava Lounge. The food was great, and Josh Terris '22 met up with us, which was a nice treat. From that point on, we split into two groups, one going to the hot springs and one shopping downtown. Tomorrow night the locations will be reversed. That's it for today! We have just one more full day here in Costa Rica before we head home.