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  • Costa Rica
Horseback Riding to the Hot Spring

Once we finished our work, we headed a few minutes out of town to a family-owned establishment that we've been coming to for years. We know the people there who own the place and live right there on the premises. We've interacted with them many times over the years, although they do not speak English. We used to be served coffee and cake/bread back in the day, but they stopped welcoming groups into their home after COVID. So that was a bummer, but it makes sense. 

We went down into a valley on our horses, a ride that took a little more than half an hour. Then we spent some time relaxing in the hot spring. And then we rode back up the hill. Everyone was back downtown and on their way to their families a little early, just before 4pm. 

You can see over 250 photos in the Drive folder, but here are a few of them.