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  • Costa Rica
Final full day in Costa Rica

Well we had a full day today, but our trip is all but over. We just need to get home. This post will seem especially late back at school, given the time adjustment for Daylight Savings. 

We were up early and we spent a couple hours or more out on the river (two of them, to be exact). We saw plenty of wildlife, from blue herons to Jesus Christ lizards to monkeys, and apparently the final raft (which was pretty far separated from the other two) saw an amazing display of the food chain in action. A few photos are below. Many more are in the Drive folder



Termite Nest:










Iguana seen on the way home:


Sloth seen in the hotel yard (!):


We also went to Tabacon hot springs, a resort - and a very good one. We spent three hours there, roaming the area to find different pools of naturally heated water. We left relaxed and ready for bed.



We have only our trip to San Jose (around three hours) and our flights out of the country. We leave here bright and early at 7am. Pura Vida!