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  • Costa Rica
Day 3 at the CEC

We got right to work today when we arrived at the CEC. We again broke into groups, with many of us doing the same work as yesterday but some of us learning some new skills and completing some new tasks. 

We kept working on the garden. We added another planting area and painted the rocks, and we think it's ready to go to get some new plants in there for children to explore. It certainly looks a lot different than it did.


We also had a group working on the meeting room area once again, and their space also looks completely different than it did Monday.  


Our largest group continued breaking down the arts building. Today included clearing banana plants, which meant that it allowed some of our students to wield machetes. It was a big day for them for sure. Hopefully you can see the progress made since Monday. 



Our group of painters kept painting the playground. Plus we had some folks head up to the treehouse to paint. 



Trini and her crew again worked on the mural in the classroom. It's looking amazing.


Lastly, the group that had worked in the garden transitioned to tearing down the bodega. It's where they store a lot of their tools and supplies. We're moving the contents to a different bodega a short distance away, and then tearing down the little one. 



We're now done with work for the day, and we're headed to a horseback ride with a hot spring excursion in the middle. Many of our students will be dining with their families tonight. Two of our groups dined together last night, and you can see a photo below.