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  • Costa Rica
ATV Tour

Our students enjoyed a quiet and relaxing morning. They were able to sleep in a little later than they have in a while. Once we were ready for the ATV company to pick us up, we departed and were there in under ten minutes. 

The tour was a couple hours long, and it included a stop at a local river. The river was quite busy with local patrons, and our students (and the other teachers) didn't hesitate to jump into the water for a refreshing rinse. The path was quite dusty, even with the rain that fell recently. Some students drove themselves, some students drove themselves and a friend, and some were lucky enough to ride with a tour guide (see Paloma '24) below. Those students were zooming around while tightly holding onto the driver. Some photos are below. Note the volcano in the background. Needless to say, it's pretty cool to be able to take in scenery like that while driving an ATV.













It's now our last night together in Costa Rica. We will head to dinner downtown and then split up as we did last night. But the group that shopped last night will head to the hot springs while the other group will shop.