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  • Costa Rica
A pretty relaxing day

We had the luxury of sleeping in for the first time this entire trip. Many kids opted to do just that and wake up after 10am. We all had breakfast by the pool at varying times and took in the delightful 80-something degree weather. 

We were also able to see the full volcano (Arenal) today. Last night, a large chunk of it was covered by clouds, and the same thing happened later in the day today. 


We had nothing on our schedule until 2:30pm, when we rode ATVs. The tour had its ups and downs, and the dry weather left us driving through dust and covered in dirt. We also had a short time to spend at a river in the middle of our excursion. We made it back to the hotel before dinner to relax. 






The rest of the night featured a dinner of typical food and some time downtown or in the pool. Tomorrow is our last full day in Costa Rica, and it's also our last day with activities. We'll be on a raft safari in the morning and at the hot springs at night.