Bland, Tavarez Elected Student Council Leaders

Saturday, October 10, 2020
Ryan Bland ’21/Matthew Tavarez ’22

Ryan Bland ’21 of Greencastle, PA, and Matthew Tavarez ’22 of Paterson, NJ, have been elected by members of the Mercersburg student body as president and vice president (respectively) of the Student Council for the 2020–2021 academic year.

Bland is in his fourth year at Mercersburg, while Tavarez is in his third year.

Read more information on both of the newly elected officers in this story, which was originally written by Avo Reid ’22 for the Mercersburg News (the school’s student newspaper).

During this election season, members of the 12th-grade (senior), 11th-grade (upper-middler) and 10th-grade (lower-middler) classes also elected their Class Council officers. Following are the full results of the Student Council and Class Council elections:

Student Council
President: Ryan Bland ’21, Greencastle, PA
Vice President: Matthew Tavarez ’22, Paterson, NJ
Executive Member at Large: Folake Okunsanya ’22, Lagos, Nigeria
Director of Finance: Gordon Lee ’21, Seoul, South Korea
Director of Student Activities: Max Bratter ’21, Miami Beach, FL
Faculty Adviser: Chris Howes

Senior Class Council (Class of 2021)
President: Rose Potter, Middleburg, VA
Vice President: Mason Reed, Hagerstown, MD
Director of Finance: Gordon Lee, Seoul, South Korea
Director of Student Activities: Max Bratter, Miami Beach, FL
Grade Dean: Doug Smith P ’23, ’24

Upper Middler Class Council (Class of 2022)
President: John Xu, Shanghai, China
Vice President: Amanda Peh, Singapore
Director of Finance: Emma Shuford, Hickory, NC
Director of Student Activities: Harriet Brown, St. Francisville, LA
Grade Dean: David Bell P ’17, ’18

Lower Middler Class Council (Class of 2023)
President: Jamie Hyung, Seoul, South Korea
Vice President: Jooa Lee, Daejon, South Korea
Director of Finance: Isabel Su, Hagerstown, MD
Director of Student Activities: Alex Cho, Sungnam, South Korea
Grade Dean: Brett Potash

Junior Class Council (Class of 2024/to be elected later this month)
Grade Dean: Dan Walker P ’19, ’23