Global Programs

Part of Mercersburg Academy’s mission statement states: “Our students commit to a life of learning, seek to understand the spiritual nature of human existence, and develop a determination to lead and serve the world.”

To help students understand what it means to lead and serve the world, Mercersburg offers off-campus travel opportunities during spring and summer breaks. These trips provide students with an exceptional chance to extend learning beyond the classroom and take part in education and reflection that would be difficult to provide on campus. There is an application and selection process for all programs; we do our best to offer participation in a Mercersburg global program to all interested students at some point during their time at the school.

Some of the global experiences include:

  • Travel programs with faculty members in the spring or summer

  • Alumni connections-based programs that highlight careers/industries in which Mercersburg alumni are active

  • Travel through the MAPS Global Scholars Program

Justine O’Connell, Director of Global Programs, Model UN Adviser, and Language Faculty

“This trip to Costa Rica has taught me so much about communication and hard work. My host family and I don’t speak the same language, but we can still communicate and tell jokes. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.”

—Mia Ingram ’21

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