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Boys' Soccer

Mercersburg Academy Boys Soccer

More than a dozen former Mercersburg soccer players are playing at the NCAA Division I, II, and III levels, as well as in the NAIA.

The varsity team is a regular presence in the Pennsylvania Independent Schools Athletic Association (PAISAA) state tournament. The 2014 squad won the prestigious Mid-Atlantic Prep League (MAPL) championship and reached the state championship game.

The varsity plays on Steiger Field, a 75-yard x 120-yard natural-grass field that was outfitted with a new irrigation system in 2011. Teams may also train on the synthetic-turf Regents’ Field or the natural-grass Upper Field (both 70 yards x 120 yards).

In addition to its games against MAPL schools, Mercersburg plays a range of other high-profile independent-school teams from New England to Northern Virginia.

Mercersburg Academy boys' soccer team player charging toward the ball.

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