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Athletic Performance

Mercersburg students work out in the McDowell Fitness Center.

The field once known as "strength and conditioning" has grown exponentially, far beyond its football roots, when references to working to becoming bigger, faster, and stronger were most identified with collision sports and male athletes.  

Athletic Training

The mission of the Certified Athletic Training staff at Mercersburg is to provide quality health care for all participants in interscholastic athletics. This includes the prevention of athletic injuries and providing evaluation, first aid, triage, and rehabilitation of injuries incurred while participating on Mercersburg teams. Our certified athletic trainers (ATCs) provide a program for a safe return to the previous activity level before injury and also provide educational programming for student trainers, coaches, and athletes. This programming includes training in awareness, heat acclimatization, and sudden cardiac arrest. ATCs administer targeted training and refreshers for all coaches in areas of injury protocol and the Emergency Action Plan.

Fitness and Performance

We offer a comprehensive and appropriate approach to developing the needs of all young people involved in sports today. Achieving one’s goals for fitness and performance at Mercersburg is a process. We evaluate and train all components of athleticism—the ability to perform athletic movements—and associated energy systems. Our approach is guided by an understanding of differences and needs in age, training experience, gender, physical limitations, and injury status.

A Mercersburg student works out in the McDowell Fitness Center.

Mercersburg is partnering with PLT4M to provide year-round strength and conditioning programming, with customized elements to meet our philosophy and goals. This investment means that each athlete, coach, and team can access training specific to their needs at a specific developmental stage.
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