In the Archives

Mercersburg’s Staley Archives are housed on the first level of Lenfest Hall. Douglas Smith is the school archivist.

The mission of the Archives is to collect and preserve materials relating to the school, its Board of Regents, its academic and extracurricular programs, its history, and its students and alumni.

The Archives does not collect material pertaining to the Reformed Church, Marshall College, or the local area history of the town unless it is relevant to the Academy itself (since these organizations have their own archives).

Ernie Staley, retired faculty member of long service to the Academy, began the job of creating and organizing the archives in 1985. Faculty emeritus Jay Quinn worked as the school’s archivist from 2002 until his death in 2012. Smith has served in the position since 2013. Scrapbooks, school publications, movies, and the papers of past headmasters make up a portion of the collection. Interested individuals can also find information on the academic program, alumni relations, admission and college-counseling statistics, faculty handbooks, and student activities.

The Mercersburg Collection contains books written by Mercersburg alumni, by individuals associated with the school in other ways, and materials about Mercersburg and its community members, past and present. The collection is temporarily housed in the Vodrey Reading Room.

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