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Some families have never considered a boarding and day school, while others think about the possibility and potential early on. Regardless of where you fall, we believe you’ll find that Mercersburg Academy is an extraordinary place where every student is prepared for college and for life as a global citizen. Simply put, we’re a place for young adults to discover who they are.

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Why Mercersburg?

Mercersburg exists to provide a transformational education—to help you learn, grow, and discover the real you. We’ve been shaping leaders and sending out graduates to positions of influence in the world for more than 130 years. You have the opportunity to become a part of that community, to form lifelong friendships, and to build your future.

Mercersburg’s faculty and staff lead students to think for themselves and to approach life thoughtfully and creatively. Our residential environment fosters character and community, and our curriculum instills the value of hard work.

So whether you’re mildly curious or already eager to apply, we invite you to take a look at what Mercersburg has to offer.

We look forward to introducing you to our school, and we encourage you to visit campus and experience Mercersburg firsthand!


Admission Events

Fall Open House


Get to know Mercersburg by seeing the campus and meeting our students, faculty, and staff during our biggest admission event of the year! Enjoy a tour, attend information sessions about academics, experiential learning, and student life, and hear an overview of the application process.

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Admission Blog

Postgraduate Year

What parents and students say...

Student Quote 9

A dynamic place with people that are bound by the enduring effort to grow. Grow mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, relationally, academically, and spiritually. It’s home to me and so many others. It gives people a voice and, despite its flaws, it seeks to get better constantly.”

Student Quote 8

Definitely the best three years of my life. I have become so much more confident in myself.”

Student Quote 7

A place where everyone has the opportunity to lead starting their first year. A classroom environment focused on collaboration and discussion, where teachers want students to come to their own understanding of the world.”

Student Quote 6

It is a beautiful community, one that accepts and embraces everyone. It’s so diverse that everyone can find a friend that they identify with. It’s a place where you don’t have to be afraid to be yourself.”

Student Quote 5

The people I’ve met here are going to be in my life forever.”

Student Quote 4

Mercersburg is a place that brings people in from all cultures and all economic backgrounds and puts them into one melting pot. One’s character propels each student, not who their family is or where they are from.”

Student Quote 3

Everyone is incredibly unique and passionate in their own way—welcoming, warm, communal, comfortable, inclusive, independent, exploratory.”

Student Quote 2

Ten years of personal growth packed into four.”

Student Quote 1

I got into a couple of schools, but I knew Mercersburg Academy was for me because of the vibrant campus and amazing students. When I first arrived, people started waving at my car. My dad asked me, ‘Do you know them? Why are they waving at our car?’ As you can see, we were all pretty confused, but I knew that I wanted to be like them. This moment changed everything and a new chapter in my life had started.”

Parent Quote 1

A great environment in every way to help springboard my child through the maturation process, leading them through the challenging teenage years and into college."

Parent Quote 2

A refuge of quality and community in a frenetic world. Respectful of its traditions with an eye to the future. Sophisticated but nurturing, kind, and down-to-earth.”

Parent Quote 3

Large enough to meet a variety of needs and to have a diverse student body, but small enough to develop meaningful relationships.”

Parent Quote 4

Balanced and aligned to shaping and making smart and caring humans. Doing the right thing always.”

Parent Quote 5

A special place with a meaningful culture that is on display every day. High academic standards and gorgeous facilities—but not at all an elitist East Coast boarding school. Terrific student-centric faculty. Impressively passionate alumni network. Folks in NYC and points north need to put this school on their radar.”

Parent Quote 6

Mercersburg is a solid foundation from which our children can intelligently and confidently rise to become whomever they choose to be. A school where students can grow, experiment, and break out of their safe characteristics into what is unexplored in order to discover their untapped potential.”

Parent Quote 7

I don’t think of it as a school anymore. It’s a way of life, an experience, a chance to grow and learn, a place to build character and learning and independence. There is no place like it.”

Parent Quote 8

A unique opportunity for students to formulate their own thoughts and opinions, befriend students from other cultures and faiths, and develop meaningful relationships with other students and faculty.”

Parent Quote 9

A majestic, warm, and charming place, helping my child to grow into a smart, caring adult. High expectations combined with strong support. Spirited, thoughtful, and inclusive.”

Opportunities abound here.

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