Investing in your success

College counseling means finding your “best fit” college or university—but it’s about much more than that.


College counseling at Mercersburg Academy isn’t just a perfunctory search for colleges and universities; it’s a meaningful, engaging, holistic experience that’s as much a part of a Mercersburg education as what happens inside or outside the classroom.

Every student is paired with a college counselor the very first year they’re enrolled, which means every student receives a personalized, grade-appropriate college counseling experience from day one. The result? A variety of compelling options when it comes to post-secondary paths.

Our college counselors nurture a core set of skills and characteristics in every student. Students are active participants in the college counseling process, undertaking a journey of self-discovery that prepares them for a successful transition to higher education.

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In the search for the right college or university, “best fit” is the result of self-reflection and careful research. Mercersburg’s college counselors guide students through this process and partner with families to find colleges and universities that satisfy a student’s needs and aspirations. Best fit happens when academic interests, athletic and artistic opportunities, other extracurriculars, school size and location, campus culture, and price tag all converge.